May 1, 2013

Table Rock Lake part 1 ↠ Fishing in the rain.

The first two days of our trip to Table Rock Lake, MO ended up being rainy and cold, but that didn't stop us from having fun. Our first full day at the lake it was really pouring and we played some Yahtzee until it let up a bit and then headed out on the boat to catch some fish. The second day it was mostly just mist, so my Dad and I explored a new area (I'll be posting about that separately) before heading out on the boat.

I loved getting all bundled up and fishing in the rain. So much better than staying in and watching lame cable all day. Rainy movie days are fun, but not when you're staring out at the pretty lake and wishing you were out there. We were only people out on the lake both days and that made it that much better. I love it when we get the lake all to ourselves.

Home is with You // Rain drop
Home is with You // Game day
Home is with You // Fishing
Home is with You // Catching fish
Home is with You // Table Rock Lake
Home is with You // Fishing in the Rain
Home is with You // bundled up
Home is with You // Table Rock Lake, MO
Home is with You // on a boat
Home is with You // Blue Moon
Home is with You // waterfall
Home is with You // Birds.
Home is with You // lake

We caught enough fish to make ourselves dinner the next night and had a great time in the process. And if you haven't tried the Blue Moon Seasonal Sampler yet, go get it! I loved them all, but the limited edition strawberry one and the Agave Nectar were my favorites.

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  1. Wonderful pictures! I haven't gone fishing in years but it's such a relaxing thing to do! I think I need to go fishing this summer :)


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