June 21, 2013

Alaska heat wave ≫≫ and other exciting happenings.

I'm sure most of you have heard by now about Alaska's big heat wave. I know it was covered on Good Morning America and was all over the local news in Kansas, so I'm sure it was everywhere else as well. It's pretty dang hilarious if you ask me...especially after enduring a summer in Austin, TX last year. Now THAT is a heat wave.

To the people of Alaska though, this is just about the end of the world. Everyone is walking around like they're melting and every store in Anchorage ran out of fans. I kid you not, we went to a few stores and called a few more before we finally found some of the last remaining fans in the city at Home Depot. And although this summer has nothing on the Texas heat, having no AC makes me very thankful to be one of the lucky people that got a fan before they ran out.

We've been working on moving into our new condo and building back up our home. We sold all of our furniture and left a lot of things behind at my parents for the time being, since it would either get broken or cost a million dollars to ship it all to ourselves in Alaska. I am so excited about the place we managed to find here in Anchorage! We're in a neighborhood that has a very California vibe to it, right by the ocean with a view of the ocean and the mountains. Words can't even describe.

Also, as if we didn't already have enough going on, we volunteered to dog-sit two of the most adorable little Yorkies. We have them for one more week and I am definitely going to be sad to see them go. They are just the sweetest and want to snuggle all day long, I can't argue with that...

 photo summer-26_zps66b4dfd4.jpg
 photo summer-27_zps15cf2f26.jpg
 photo summer-9_zps561053ff.jpg
 photo summer-28_zps9ffc25b7.jpg
 photo summer-30_zps1bbcf674.jpg
 photo summer-37_zps01eb1fc8.jpg
 photo summer-34_zps58a3dc8d.jpg
 photo summer-31_zpsdf9e4cf1.jpg
 photo summer-35_zpsabdad685.jpg
 photo summer-36_zpsbfd4b8cc.jpg

...I hope you all have been doing well, I miss your lovely comments in my inbox and seeing what's going on with everyone. Thank goodness I have the internet again! PS~ I've been getting a bunch of people asking lately why we moved to Alaska, and I know I have some new followers who are probably wondering as well, so if you missed the posts you can read all about the move here and here.


  1. We've been having a heat wave here in Germany, too! 99 degrees day before yesterday and Germans were dropping like flies! With no A/C it was utterly miserable. And that's coming from a Southern girl who's used to 100% humidity and upper 90 degree weather...so you know it was bad!

    And I'm SUPER jealous you're by the ocean. I miss the sea!

  2. haha that's too funny. I'm from Brazil, so every time there's a heat wave in California, I feel very comfortable to say the least! 95 degrees is nothing when you're used to 115F and humidity :)

  3. i saw my alaska friends comment about the heat wave and couldn't help but laugh. :)

  4. wonderful pictures! and I think the heat thing is all relative, now that we're in Texas I can see how 90 degrees is 'cool' but when we were in Seattle we were dying lol (granted, 99% of houses in Seattle don't have AC so it was bad lol)


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