June 12, 2013

Places to Eat in Anchorage, Alaska ↠ Middle Way Cafe

Middle Way Cafe is a cute little spot located here in Anchorage and it was one of the first restaurants Dave wanted to introduce me to once I arrived in Alaska. He had stumbled upon it in the first few weeks of living here and I kept hearing I would love it...he was right.

The cafe is organic, locally sourced, and full of vegetarian options...what more could you want? The inside of the cafe has local art hanging on the walls and is super cute, but we opted to sit outside since it's been in the 70s and sunny. We are soaking up every moment.

I got the "beat burger" and was a little nervous because I've never tried a beet before in my life. It was delicious. It had beets and portabella mushrooms that were roasted in balsamic- topped with spinach, goat cheese, and onion marmalade. Yum.

Dave ordered the "turkey cranberry" sandwich and thought it was wonderful as well. I think this will definitely become one of our favorite spots. I wanted to try just about everything on the menu and that's always a good sign. It's also a good sign when you pick up a coffee mug to add to your collection on your first visit to the place...it was that good.

 photo middlewaycafe-2_zps7c0fd655.jpg
 photo midwaycafe-22_zps3647e0ca.jpg
 photo middlewaycafe-4_zps816dd404.jpg
 photo midwaycafe-20_zpsbfcaad44.jpg
 photo middlewaycafe-10_zps90ab0abe.jpg
 photo middlewaycafe-11_zps4a6c2658.jpg
 photo middlewaycafe-12_zps50ec36f2.jpg

...next time I think I want to try their breakfast.

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  1. That mug is so cute!! Glad to see you're enjoying Alaska!!!

  2. so i know you have more than 200 followers, but i still adore your blog and just had to nominate you for the Leibster blog award!
    Check out my blog post for the details:)


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