July 19, 2013

Currently ≫≫

Playing ≫≫
This song. It's a perfect summer tune... 

-->≫≫The chocolate chip cookies I made and another one of these almond lattes...in other words, nothing has changed in the last few months.

Learning ≫≫
To take a step away from the computer. Nearly all of my work right now is on the computer, but I've been having issues with my wrist killing me lately, so it's time to step away this weekend.

Currently // Home is with You

Wearing ≫≫
Milkmaid braids. On the daily.

Needing  ≫≫
Time off.

Currently // Home is with You

Making ≫≫
I've been trying to step outside the (my) box in the kitchen recently and expand my cooking skills. The most recent thing I made was The Pioneer Woman's potato skins, minus the bacon for us, of course. I also substituted safflower oil for the canola oil and didn't use any butter...for those interested. They were delicious.

 Loving ≫≫
The Alaskan sunsets. I will say it ten million times over, they are amazing. This one below is without a filter or anything, the clouds were unreal last night!

Currently // Home is with You 

Wanting ≫≫
A relaxing weekend with my love. He's sick and I'm babying my wrist, we're quite a pair at the moment. Hoping some R&R will do us both some good.

...what about you?


  1. My wrist has been bothering me lately too since I'm on the computer so much - hope yours feels better soon!

  2. Oh! Those Alaskan sunsets are gorgeous!

  3. The Alaskan Sunset is seriously so incredible breathtaking! Love the way you captured it! :)


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