October 14, 2013

Time Away.

Hey loves, I just wanted to write a quick post and let you all know I might not be around here as much in the upcoming days. My Dad is visiting Alaska for the first time (he'll be here in about an hour, as I'm writing this!) and we're so excited to have someone to show around Juneau! We have a full week planned of exploring, eating out, brewery touring, etc. Although if I could have planned some posts ahead of time, I know I won't be on the computer much and won't be able to respond to your sweet comments and send things out.

Time Away // Home is with You

I may pop in to share some pictures once or twice throughout the week, but you can join us over on instagram to see all of our fun "vacation" pictures of the gorgeous Juneau, Alaska. You can find me here and Dave here.


Thank you so much for taking a moment to comment! ♡

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