October 15, 2012

New Link-up!

Ok friends, you asked for it so here it is! I'm so excited to be starting a link-up for you all to join in and for us all to find some new blogs to read and make new friends. The link-up will go live every Tuesday!

For an example of a "From Where I Stand" post, go here. These posts are all about what things look like from where you stand. What do you see? What's life like? What needs to change?

As always for link-ups, please use the button below and/or provide a link back here so people know you're joining us. That way more people can join in the fun and we have more posts to read and more friends to meet.

If you'd like a different sized button so you can put it in your sidebar, just let me know! I'd love for you all to share this link-up any way you can, I'll be reading all the posts submitted and want to meet as many of you as I can!

From Where I Stand // Home is with You


  1. I love this idea!! Are you going to do this as a weekly link-up? I can't wait to link-up!

  2. this is gonna be fun :)

  3. oooh what a good idea! I'll have to remember to join in :)


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