If you're looking at this page you are probably interested in what my site can do for you! I'd love to help your audience grow! If you'd like to do more than 2 months at a time email me and let me know, you get a discount!

Please submit an ad that goes with the look and feel of this blog. Please NO pixelated or stretched out buttons. If you need help or are interested in having me design an ad for you, e-mail me at homeiswithyoublog@gmail.com.

Here are some of our stats...

245,000+ followers on Storenvy
1,645 followers on Instagram
1,480 followers on Pinterest
1,220 followers on Twitter
635 likes on Facebook
550 followers on Google+
1070+ followers on GFC and Bloglovin combined
*Plus my husband's social network that he shares the blog with of about 20,000+ people!

*only $5 extra for ad design, if interested!

I'm also open to doing giveaways and/or reviews if you wish to do so, just let me know! At this time you do not have to be a sponsor of Home is with you.

I'd love to wear your clothes/accessories to help promote your shop- upon my approval. I will only wear items that reflect my personal style. At this time you do not have to be a sponsor for Home is with You.

I can also make buttons for those interested (sponsors and non-sponsors). I make all of my own buttons and can send you pictures of others I have created if you'd like. Just $5 per button!

**Prices are subject to change as my blog grows

Feedback from Haley of The Yellow Peony 
--> ≫≫
"Mallorie is a very connected and does a great job promoting those who are featured on her site, making giveaways and advertising on her site a great avenue of exposure for a small business. In fact, her site has been my 4th largest inbound traffic contributor for my Etsy shop – coming in after Etsy, direct traffic and Facebook. That’s huge!! Home is With You is even a larger contributor than GOOGLE for me."

Feedback from Allyssa from Olive + Birch ≫≫
"Thanks Mallorie, I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed sponsoring you last month you were the only blogger that really went out of their way to promote me and my blog via twitter, pinterest, facebook etc and I really appreciated it and that's why I'm back! You're awesome!"

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