May 15, 2009

My husband the gourmet chef...

Ok so most of you know about my obsession with food...hello, president of the "fat kids club" in high-school...probably should have been called "people who love food club" since none of us were actually fat, but you get the picture...

This being said, I am so lucky to be married to Dave since he is an excellent cook :) The best thing about his cooking is the fact that each meal (whether it's a new dish or an old fave) gets better because he is always adapting and changing my food to fit my likes and dislikes...I know, he loves me, what can I say...

Anyways, here are just a few pics of some of the very yummy meals he's made recently.

Home is with You // Fajitas
Our Easter day dinner, fajitas! Don't get me started on how I feel about Mexican food :P

Home is with You // Chocolate Chip Pancakes
My most recent chocolate-chip pancake...the best yet! It had a secret ingredient ;)

Home is with You // Chef David
The mastermind at work

Home is with You // cooking

Home is with You // Chicken and pasta
The finished product...chicken, whole wheat pasta (with special toppings and cheese on top), and jerk chicken sauce...yum!

Home is with You // Taco Ring
His infamous "Taco Ring"...unbelievably good :)

Home is with You // Taco Ring

Ok enough pictures I'm getting hungry :) Dave being such a great cook is definitely good for me (and I'm not talking about my stomach here.) I learn so much from his cooking and someday I hope to be as good as him...

May 10, 2009


Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers out there...especially mine! I love you Mom!!! Wish I was in Wichita, but since I'm not I thought I'd post some of my favorite pics of my Mom and I over the years...

Home is with You // Baby brother
Holding my new baby brother :)
Home is with You // Love my Mamma
I love my Mamma!
Home is with You // Mother's Day
My favorite picture of us :)

Also, Happy Mother's Day to my Grandma's...

My Grandpa and Grandma Frazier
My Grandpa and Grandma Frazier

Grandma Gerry and I
Grandma Gerry and I

And of course Happy Mother's Day to my new Mother-in-law, Rajeana...hope you guys have a great day!

Love you all and hope everyone has a nice, relaxing Mother's Day! :) ~Mal

May 6, 2009

Bangs or no decide!

I've been trying to decide for awhile now whether or not to cut bangs (as in the full bangs, I already have side "bangs") I've decided to put out a vote and see what you all think!

Here are some pics of what I would want my bangs to look like...make sure to vote (click on the "should I cut bangs at the bottom)...

Home is with You // Jennifer Love Hewitt

Home is with You // Selma Blair

Should I cut full bangs?(online surveys)

May 2, 2009

Fun in Baltimore...

Last weekend we decided to explore Baltimore a little and we found this fun place by the water with cute shops,  brick walkways, and yummy things to are a few pics...

Home is with You // Baltimore

Home is with You // Maryland

Home is with You // Fells Point

We ate lunch at one of our favorite sandwich shops here,'s SO good! I had to take a picture of the sign for my Dad, since he and his friends call themselves the Potbelly's :)

Home is with You // Potbelly

We had a great time just driving around and enjoying the unusual, for April, 95 degree beautiful sunny weather we had that day...
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