July 29, 2013

Impromptu David Owens Music ↠ CRUSH wine bistro and cellar, Anchorage

The other day, Dave and I walked downtown to find a place where we could sit and discuss the coming weeks and our plans for what was ahead. We wound up at a cute little place we'd had our eye on visiting, CRUSH wine & bistro cellar. It was another perfect day and we were hoping to sit outside, so why not grab a glass of wine and a beer while we chatted about life...

Dave had his guitar and the notebook I bought him and had engraved for our first anniversary (paper is the traditional gift) where he jots down all of his thoughts and possible song ideas. There was a table of two men sitting behind us, and as we got up to leave we got to talking to them. One of the men saw Dave's guitar, asked if he played, and then said he'd buy us all a bottle of wine to share if Dave would play everyone a few songs.


Impromptu David Owens Music ↠ CRUSH wine & bistro cellar, Anchorage
Impromptu David Owens Music ↠ CRUSH wine & bistro cellar, Anchorage
Impromptu David Owens Music ↠ CRUSH wine & bistro cellar, Anchorage
Impromptu David Owens Music ↠ CRUSH wine & bistro cellar, Anchorage

...and I don't know if anyone is as excited about the new album as I am (impossible), but Dave just added this video I recorded to his new youtube channel. It's a demo of a song that will be on the new album and I am in love. Even though I've already heard it a billion times, I can't get enough. Anyone else?

July 12, 2013

Free Wallpaper Friday ≫≫ Be Bold

Happy Friday, loves! I hope you all have had a wonderful week, but even if this week hasn't been the best, it's the weekend now so it's all good. Right? Right.

Before you all head off to do fun weekend things, I wanted to share this wallpaper I designed. Enjoy...

 photo bebold-800_zps7cf9f389.jpg

...to download the wallpaper just click here and then click download. If you decide to use the wallpaper on your computer, pretty please tag @mallorieowens and use the hashtag #freewallpaperfriday to share the love and let me see your pretty workspaces! I'm trying to gather inspiration for ways to decorate my own workspace.

July 3, 2013

Operation Entrepreneur

I'm so excited to announce my collaboration with a new and exciting community...

We're bringing entrepreneurs together on a whole new level. On Monday July 7th, Operation Entrepreneur will be launching. 

Ashley, of After Nine to Five, had the wonderful idea to start this group for all of the entrepreneurs out there...I'll let her tell you all about it...

"This two-part community is perfect for every entrepreneur and every hopefully-some-day entrepreneur. Part blog, part Facebook group - we're dedicated to bringing you ways to promote your business, tricks to improve your brand, real life stories of entrepreneurs and the support you need to keep chasing your dream. If you're an entrepreneur or hoping to be one in the future, this is a must see. Check out our blog for more information, join our Facebook group (all members who sign-up pre-launch will be approved on July 7th), or follow us on Twitter to let us become a part of your journey and help your business when you need it most. 

I hope you all will join us on July 7th!"

 Who's in?!

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