July 31, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday {8}...

This week Dave and I actually stepped out on a Saturday, Dave was asked to play at Grace Hill Winery for Uncork-a-Wish, an event to raise money for Make-a-Wish. We were so excited! It ended up being a great event. Everyone (of course) loved Dave's music and I got to mingle, eat appetizers, and drink wine...all while listening to my husband play...perfection.

The winery is owned by my long-time friend and his family. I hadn't gotten a chance to go out there yet and it is beautiful! Plus their wine is amazing (and they have it in local stores), if you're in/near Kansas I definitely recommend checking out Grace Hill Winery...

Grace Hill Winery // Home is with You
Grace Hill Winery // Home is with You
Grace Hill Winery // Home is with You
Grace Hill Winery // Home is with You
Grace Hill Winery // Home is with You
Grace Hill Winery // Home is with You
Grace Hill Winery // Home is with You
Grace Hill Winery // Home is with You

Dress~ Dillards

Grace Hill Winery // Home is with You
Grace Hill Winery // Home is with You

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July 30, 2011

My week in iPhone pics {4}...

Iphone pictures // Home is with You
Iphone pictures // Home is with You

Sunday we did birthday dinner number two with my Dad for my little bro's birthday. He really wanted to go to Sumos (an asian place where they cook in front of you) on the actual day, but we wanted my Grandma to come and she doesn't like asian food...we hadn't been to Sumos in so long and it was well worth the wait, you leave the stuffed to the brim, but it is so delish I don't even care...

Iphone pictures // Home is with You
Iphone pictures // Home is with You

Monday was full of catching up on the blog (writing, reading others, etc) so it required lots of tea to get me going, I mean it's Monday...need I say more? Also, keeping to what I said in my living in the moment post, I took a break in the evening and went on a little walk/run and took some pics along the way...

Iphone pictures // Home is with You
Iphone pictures // Home is with You

Tuesday we used our Groupon and tried a new sushi place in town Sake, it was amazing! Especially since we haven't had any in awhile...we had been craving it like whoa. Later that night we made couscous, veggies, and asian "chicken" (aka soy protein)- it was fab. We then headed to Family Video and rented a few movies to celebrate Dave being done with classes for the summer :)

Iphone pictures // Home is with You

Wednesday I spent my afternoon taking pictures of my (and my brother's) beanie babies. We are getting ready to sell them on Craigslist so I took pics of each one...you guys have no idea how many that is! I don't even know if obsessed begins to cover what we were for beanies...but if any of you (or someone you know) is looking to buy some, let me know!

Later I had a coupon for $10 off $10 or more at Pier 1...I got those glasses and napkins for .41...score!

Iphone pictures // Home is with You

Thursday night Dave had a show at Oeno Wine Bar downtown. It is a neat spot with a cool atmosphere. Dave rocked it, as always. It was a fun show because a few of my best friends from high school came to support Dave and hang out, plus we met a bunch of great new people who loved his music!

...oh and remember how I said we went to Family Video on Tuesday? Well when we were there the girl at the check out counter was so friendly and she and Dave got to talking and of course he brought up the music, he told her about the show on Thursday and she came...very cool.

Iphone pictures // Home is with You

Friday we mainly relaxed. After being out late from talking to people after the show on Thursday and since we have a big day today (I'll post about it tomorrow) it was nice to not have a full day. They said we were supposed to have a thunderstorm and Dave and I got really excited. It hasn't rained here in awhile and we have been wanting a rain day, but alas, it just thundered a bit and sprinkled for a few...bummer.

Hope everyone's weekend has gotten off to a great start! ~Mal

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July 29, 2011

First Vlog!

For those curious about Dave's music and/or want to buy an album go here...

And here are the Wonder Woman Pajamas I was talking about...

First Vlog // Home is with You
First came Wonder Baby...
First Vlog // Home is with YouFirst Vlog // Home is with You

Haha, ok, hope you all liked the first video blog! I was pretty nervous about posting this, but if you guys like it I just might do some more so let me know what you think!

July 28, 2011


I've got to take a second to brag about my husband today. His album is now being played on 103 radio stations across the country, this is all within the first two weeks! Soon it will be on many more! It can be hard for the two of us to really take in how much this album is taking off right now because we aren't to a point where any money is coming back yet, and we are still busting our butts to get it out there. But when we stop and take a moment to think about it I am blown away...

He has worked so hard and I couldn't be more proud of how the album turned out. We have listened to it probably a bajillion times...and yes, bajillion is definitely a word...and I still can't get enough. Every song start to finish is amazing. I can't wait to hear the next one!

So if you all would pretty please head over to Dave's blog and click on the Radio tab to see a list of all the stations currently playing his album, hopefully he's playing in your city and you can let us know if you hear a song!

Radio // Home is with You

July 27, 2011

Wordless(ish) Wednesday {4}...

 This man...words can not begin to describe what I feel for this man.  David Joseph Owens, thank you for marrying me. I feel so blessed to be your wife...I am unbelievably proud of you for going after your dreams and thank you for allowing me to do the same....

...oh and that sweet man of mine wrote this post over on his blog after reading my post from yesterday...did I mention he's amazing? Check it out!

July 26, 2011

Living in the moment...

One of my greatest fears in life is to become too comfortable (read: numb to the world.) I try my best to live in the moment...not wish my days away. It can be hard when the days seem long and things get hard (of course we all have our struggles), but I try my best to be still and find the beauty in the here and now...

Some days go way too fast, especially since Dave and I are usually hard at work in our offices working on various things online during the day...next thing I know I look down and it's 7:00...how?!

So this week I'm going to work on taking a few more breaks to step away from the computer (don't worry I'll still be around) and put a little bit more focus and perspective on life. I plan to take picture walks to really soak up the nature around me, read, cook more, watch tv less, and of course spend time doing more activities with my husband (like board games) that we love so much...

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July 25, 2011

Introducing our July sponsors...

I'm so excited to introduce you all to our July sponsors! These are three wonderful ladies that you definitely need to check out. I'll let them introduce themselves, make sure to stop by their blog, twitters, shops, etc and say hello!

"Hi! I'm Haley. Newlywed and creative mastermind from the midwest, currently living out East. I spend most of my time designing and creating - whether it's bracelets, flower fascinators or doing freelance web design - I can't seem to sit still for more than a few minutes. My shop is just getting started, but I hope will continue to become a showcase of things that make me (and others) happy!"


"I'm Renee! Quirky and scatterbrained Mama living in Florida. Addicted to my kid, thrifting, food and taking pictures of said things. My shop is a collection of random goodness. My twitter is a collection of random badness."


"Hi, I'm Jana! I blog over at Giggles, Glitz & Glam where there really is no set theme as I'm all over the place. If I feel the need to talk about it then I'm likely to blog about it. I love making stuff for my shop where my specialty is tutus! I also enjoy a number of other fun crafty projects and trying out new things."

If you're interested in sponsoring Home is with You for August, go here.

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July 24, 2011

Steppin' Out {7}...

Like I said in yesterday's post, Friday Dave had a show at The Brickyard downtown. I can't even begin to tell you how HOT it was. They call it a topless bar because it has four walls but no ceiling...which equals sun blazing in, but not much breeze making it through. Oh and it was 103 degrees. Getting the picture?

Besides the fact that we were sweaty messes, the show was a lot of fun...

Being out in the heat was worth it because I got some great pics and everyone there was really digging Dave's music...

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are now enjoying a nice relaxing Sunday... ~Mal

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July 23, 2011

My week in iPhone pics {3}...

Monday I finally got the cheese fries that I'd been "wishing" for...definitely worth the wait! We used Alexia waffle fries and Archer Farms buffalo blue cheese dip (both from Target), perfection.

As you all saw in the post from that day, Tuesday was my little brother's 20th birthday. That night Dave and I went out to dinner with him, my Dad, and Grandma to Chedders. Then we headed back to my Dad's for some ice cream cake, yum!

Later that night I finally recorded my first vlog! It will be up in a few days :)

Wednesday was the last day of Kid's Day Out for the summer. We had a water day to celebrate so we were outside most of the day and the kids just went wild. That night Dave and I really needed to get out of the house so we headed down the street to Chipolte...gotta love it- cheap, delicious, and nutritious. Just the way I like my food :)

Thursday I did some Body by Bethenny yoga and then that night Dave and I celebrated our 2 years 4 month anniversary, hehe we like to celebrate the little things along with the big things...Dave cooked us some whole wheat veggie lasagna...it was amazing! Recipe to come...

Friday Dave had a show at The Brickyard from 5-7:30...outside. It was 102 and we were under an extreme heat advisory. Again. It was a fun time regardless and I got some great shots (more to come in tomorrow's post.) Afterwards Dave's yoga teacher (he's taking a class at WSU this semester) had a yoga party at her house. Fun stuff. A great workout followed by yummy food, what could be better? :)

Hope you all had a wonderful week! ~Mal

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