July 23, 2011

My week in iPhone pics {3}...

Monday I finally got the cheese fries that I'd been "wishing" for...definitely worth the wait! We used Alexia waffle fries and Archer Farms buffalo blue cheese dip (both from Target), perfection.

As you all saw in the post from that day, Tuesday was my little brother's 20th birthday. That night Dave and I went out to dinner with him, my Dad, and Grandma to Chedders. Then we headed back to my Dad's for some ice cream cake, yum!

Later that night I finally recorded my first vlog! It will be up in a few days :)

Wednesday was the last day of Kid's Day Out for the summer. We had a water day to celebrate so we were outside most of the day and the kids just went wild. That night Dave and I really needed to get out of the house so we headed down the street to Chipolte...gotta love it- cheap, delicious, and nutritious. Just the way I like my food :)

Thursday I did some Body by Bethenny yoga and then that night Dave and I celebrated our 2 years 4 month anniversary, hehe we like to celebrate the little things along with the big things...Dave cooked us some whole wheat veggie lasagna...it was amazing! Recipe to come...

Friday Dave had a show at The Brickyard from 5-7:30...outside. It was 102 and we were under an extreme heat advisory. Again. It was a fun time regardless and I got some great shots (more to come in tomorrow's post.) Afterwards Dave's yoga teacher (he's taking a class at WSU this semester) had a yoga party at her house. Fun stuff. A great workout followed by yummy food, what could be better? :)

Hope you all had a wonderful week! ~Mal

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