May 30, 2011

Special Thanks...

Happy Memorial Day! I am so thankful for all the men and women of our armed forces- past, present, and is a tough job that we don't thank them enough for. Make sure to show them your appreciation not only today, but every day...

Special thank you (from me) to my husband for serving our country...I am so proud of you in all that you do...

Home is with You // Knoxville

...other special thanks to people in my family: my dad John, Grandpa Frazier, Dale, and cousin Jenny...and last but definitely not least is Harry Ruzicka, who I went to high school with. Harry is a true inspiration and is a perfect example of what real strength is.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day filled with friends and family! 

May 26, 2011

The T-Rex song...

So, tonight Dave is playing the show at the Hard Rock Cafe in Gatlinburg, TN! We are SO excited. :) All of the shows this week have gone wonderfully so far...thank you all for listening in and making requests! I will be doing a post about all that has gone on once we get back home. Tomorrow is Dave's TV appearance and then the CD release party at Borders for Love Via Music, we can't wait!

Until I am able to update a bit more, here is a little diddy from our nephew Hunter and Dave...I think rockstar runs in the Owens family blood hehe...

May 22, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday {1}

This Saturday Dave and I had date night here in Knoxville. We decided to try this new place (new to us since we were here in September) Kobuki...we each got an entree and then split one roll of sushi. Best. Sushi. EVER. I recommend it to anyone here in Knoxville...we will definitely be back this week for happy hour (it's Mon-Thurs)...

Home is with You // Sundress

Home is with You // Judith Jack

Home is with You // sandals

I just couldn't help but add a pic of the sushi...amazing...

Home is with You // sushi

Linking up with Mandy over at Harper's Happenings...

May 15, 2011

On the road again...

Ok folks, we're headed to Knoxville, TN! We are SO excited to see Dave's fam and friends like @d_c_davis :) We're leaving tonight, that way we have some time to hang out this week before the craziness begins...oh and don't worry my wonderful Dad John is swapping cars with us so we will have air conditioning (woo hoo!) Thanks John!!

Next week Dave has a show, radio appearance, or TV interview every day starting Tues, some days he has two! It is going to be a fun/exhausting week! We plan on making some videos and taking a TON of pictures while we're there, which we will be tweeting and blogging about as we get the time. I will also be doing my first vlog, so make sure to head over to the post asking for questions to leave a comment with the question(s) you have for me!

So...who is in/near the Knoxville area? We would love to see/meet you! Here is the list of shows (some of the radio interviews can be streamed from anywhere!)...

     Tuesday May 24th~ WJRV The River Radio Show (7:30-9am ET) --can be streamed here

     Tuesday May 24th~ WDVX Blue Plate Special Radio Show (12pm ET) --can be streamed here
     Wednesday May 25th~ WFIV Homegrown (7pm ET) --can be streamed here

     Wednesday May 25th~ WDVX Writer's Block Radio Show (10pm ET) --can be streamed here

     Thursday May 26th~ Hard Rock Cafe (9pm in Gatlinburg)

     Friday May 26th~ WVLT Channel 8 News (4pm)

     Friday May 26th~ Borders (7pm in Turkey Creek)

     Saturday June 4th~ Vienna Coffee House (7pm in Maryville)

These are all going to be great shows and I am so excited we were able to get so much packed into this trip! Hard Rock Cafe is going to be a blast and I just can't wait to get here goes a 14 hour car drive...good thing Dave and I always have fun on our trips :)

Home is with You // nephew
I'm extra excited to see this cutie...who has gotten way too big since we've been away!

May 14, 2011

Vlog questions...

Sup party people, so the time has come...for me to do my first vlog! I've decided the best one to start out with will be you guys asking me questions ahead of time and me answering them in the vlog...

If you have a question for me to answer please leave it in the comment section below! Can't wait to hear the questions you all come up with! You guys can ask me anything!

Home is with You // Vlog
Found a mini orange and I wanted to take it home with me :P

May 13, 2011

Mama love...

Home is with You // Mother's Day

See that beautiful lady in the picture above with me? That’s my Mama…I didn’t get a chance to post on Mother’s Day so I wanted to take today to say thanks Mom for being you :) She is one of my best friends and my role model…and I love her to pieces.Words will never express how much I love her or how grateful I am to have her in my life, but I hope she knows...

This Mother's Day we did the usual of going to church and then headed out to Grandma and Grandpa's house for cake and ice cream. My Aunt Sue was in town from Oregon, which was exciting...and of course the rest of the fam was there. That night Dave and I cooked dinner for my parents, I made my guacamole and Dave made his famous taco ring...add in a little wine and some of John's homemade salsa and it was the perfect Mother's Day meal :) We had a blast hanging out (as we always do) and loved getting the chance to celebrate her...

We love you Mom!

May 11, 2011

Wordless Wednesday {1}...

This is my first "Wordless Wednesday" are a few things that make me smile...

Home is with You // collage
Sunshine, coronas and cookies, Dave playing, and Noodles &Co.

Home is with You // Hipstamatic
Flowers from my Dad, Dave playing in Dallas, and wine

May 10, 2011


As I wrote about last week, Dave and I got to drive down to Dallas for the weekend, it was a fun adventure (as always with us)...we got to see great friends and Dave got to play a show. We can't wait to go back! Oh and did I mention our AC went out shortly before taking this trip? Yeah...

Thursday we drove down and it was the perfect day for a drive (especially the kind of long drive with no AC.) We just rolled down the windows and it was a nice 5+ hour drive, just felt good to be on the open road and get outta town. 

Home is with You // long drive

Home is with You // feet on the dash

We got a great deal through Hotwire and stayed at the Sheraton downtown, we had a good night just relaxing and flipping through the channels on TV...we don't have cable so we get way too excited about watching random shows we don't normally watch, like How I Met You're Mother...

Home is with You // Tuning

Home is with You // Practice

Home is with You // Jam

Friday we went to check out Opening Bell Coffee where Dave was playing later that night. It is the perfect location for live music! We ate lunch there and it was fab, I had the roasted garlic tomato basil soup- SO yummy. 

Home is with You // Opening Bell

We then headed to Ft. Worth to go get my bestie Erin, that's when the lack of AC finally caught up with us. The traffic was stopped and it was HOT. It wouldn't have mattered as much but we were all dressed and ready for the show that night- oops. 

Home is with You // Ac out
This is how I feel about no AC

Home is with You // Road trip

In Ft. Worth we went to Yucatan Taco Stand for dinner to have some time to catch up with Erin before heading back to Dallas for the show. I got the vegetarian tacos and they were amazing! I was so excited because, being a vegetarian, I usually don't get tacos out anymore (except fish tacos on occasion.) Dave had the Mahi-mahi and it was really good too. Then we rushed back to Dallas for Dave's show. 

Yucatan Taco Stand on Urbanspoon
Home is with You // Hipstamatic
Home is with You // Flower shirt

Home is with You // Rock

The show went really well and the place was packed! Dave will definitely be doing another show there soon. We got to meet our Twitter friends Maria and Steve Manning (@Maria_Manning and @SteveManning) for the first time! They are such a sweet, cute couple and I'm so glad we finally got to meet in real life :) I can't wait to meet more of our twitter peeps when we start traveling more for shows this summer! PS~ if you're not following us, I'm @MallorieOwens on twitter and Dave is @Daveowensmusic...

Home is with You // Show group

After the show we drove back to Ft. Worth and stayed up way too late drinking wine, watching funny youtube videos, and just hanging with my was perfect :) I'm still beating myself up that I didn't get any pictures though! time.

Saturday we woke up and went to lunch at Spiral Diner, it's a vegan place...delish! And my kinda place :) We checked out a coffee shop in Ft. Worth and talked to them about Dave playing there and then it was time to head home. The drive home was a super hot and sweaty one, it took a little longer to get home because we needed to stop and get cold drinks and cool ourselves off a few times. We were sad to leave, but happy to know we'll be back soon :) 

Home is with You // Pink toes

Home is with You // Sunset

May 9, 2011

2 Year Anniversary ♥

A little over a month ago now (oops) Dave and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary :) We had a great time relaxing together during the day and waiting for the albums to arrive. It was so exciting opening up the boxes once they got here and seeing how great it turned out! To grab a SIGNED copy of the album go here...

After we finished checking out the albums, we headed to my parents to give them a copy and show them how awesome they looked. Then we headed to dinner...Dave took me to Redrock Canyon Grill, somewhere I'd always wanted to go on a date night :)

It was a great day of celebrating our love and feeling so blessed that 2 years later we love each other even more than before...

Home is with You // Anniversary flowers
The beautiful flowers from my hubby :)

Home is with You // Anniversary outfits

Home is with You // Album

The amazing "something chocolate" desert at Redrock
Hope you all had a fabulous Mother's Day! Love you all ~Mal

May 5, 2011

Dallas here we come!!

Watch out Dallas, we're headed your way! Dave is playing a show at Opening Bell Friday (May 6th) at 8:00, we are so excited :) This is his first show in Dallas...for those of you in/near Dallas you can find the details here.

I am so excited to be on the road to Dallas today for multiple reasons. It's just nice to get out of town and have a road trip with my hubby, but most importantly I get to see one of my best friends who I haven't seen since she was a bridesmaid in our wedding! I'm dying of excitement to see her, so it might be a long trip down there...

Home is with You // Best Friend
Love, love, love her!

Home is with You // Kisses

PLUS we get to meet many of our twitter friends for the first time! Like @Maria_Manning and @giggleglitzglam ...can't wait :)

May 4, 2011

Bff's Bridal Shower...

This last Sunday, I threw my bestie a bridal shower in Kansas City. I had so much fun planning the party and was glad everyone had a great time. It was so hard to leave so quickly (we drove up that morning and left after the party), but I'm glad I get to see her and all the other girls again soon :) 

We ate some good food, drank some wine, played some games, and Jen opened presents (of course!)

Home is with You // Bridal Shower

Home is with You // Wedding Cookies

Home is with You // cake balls
Home is with You // Fruit bouquet
the cute fruit kabobs my Mom made
Home is with You // Light pizza
My Mom's veggie pizza, so good!
Home is with You // Guacamole
My famous guac, you can find the recipe here

Home is with You // Fruit water

Home is with You // Bridal spread

Home is with You // Bride and I
The bride-to-be and I :)
Home is with You // Mom
My mama and I

May 3, 2011

100 things about me {part 3}...

51.  My middle name is Ann, just like my Grandma on my Mom's side 

52.  I was born with a full head of thick hair, which the nurses couldn't help but spike for my first official picture...thanks a lot ladies...

Home is with You // Baby pics

53.  I was on a bowling team for the league at one of the bowling alleys here in Wichita in middle school, pretty sweet I know...

54.  ...I won the trophy for highest average in the bowling league...I'll pause for your applause...

55.  I require a lot of sleep in order to not be a grouchy mess...just ask my husband, he'll tell you I'm a bundle of joy unless you wake me up before my time

56.  ...this usually means an average of about 9 hours a night, don't hate...

57.  I love to dance, do yoga, and run...just not all at the same time

Home is with You // Dancing baby

58.  Growing up I always wanted to be an actress, and hey if Hollywood were to come knocking now whose to say I'd turn them down

59. I've always been a very emotional person, sometimes because I'm sad and sometimes I'm just so happy...

60.  ...I have definitely toughened up the last few years though :)

61.  I loooooove roller coasters (and theme parks in general)...the faster it is and the more times I'm thrown upside down, the better

62.  I make lists for everything: to-do, grocery, to pack, to remember, wish list, monthly goals, etc.

63. I enjoy finding unsigned/indie bands that most people haven't heard of and then sharing them, there's just something about finding fresh new music that gets me all excited

64. My Mom is a hairdresser and she has always been the one to cut my hair, she knows exactly what I am going for when I try to explain what I want (even when I'm not making sense)...

65.  ...because of this I'm scared to let anyone else come near my hair with scissors, except this one time in Maryland

Home is with You // Yikes
I just let him trim my bangs

66.  I get really grouchy if I get too hungry, my Dad likes to call it black out rage (yes it's that bad)...

67.  ...Dave has learned that if he keeps me fed I stay the happy person I usually am :)

68.  I love movies and I find something so comforting in watching a movie I've watched a million times

69.  Scrapbooking is one of my fav things to do! I've gotten really behind though and need to catch upon my books

70.  I've always wanted a pet monkey, they are just so cute and cuddly!

71.  ...I've also always wanted to swim with the dolphins :)

72.  Going with the things I've always wanted to do, I have always said I wanted to go skydiving...I guess this goes with loving rides and things, I just love that feeling when your stomach flips

73.  I hate cold weather, I would be happy if it just snowed once on Christmas every year and that was it...

74.  ...but I do love having seasons, I don't know how I'd feel living somewhere that the weather was always about the same

75.  My husband's album is now on iTunes!!! I'm SO excited :)  ...just go here!

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