May 10, 2011


As I wrote about last week, Dave and I got to drive down to Dallas for the weekend, it was a fun adventure (as always with us)...we got to see great friends and Dave got to play a show. We can't wait to go back! Oh and did I mention our AC went out shortly before taking this trip? Yeah...

Thursday we drove down and it was the perfect day for a drive (especially the kind of long drive with no AC.) We just rolled down the windows and it was a nice 5+ hour drive, just felt good to be on the open road and get outta town. 

Home is with You // long drive

Home is with You // feet on the dash

We got a great deal through Hotwire and stayed at the Sheraton downtown, we had a good night just relaxing and flipping through the channels on TV...we don't have cable so we get way too excited about watching random shows we don't normally watch, like How I Met You're Mother...

Home is with You // Tuning

Home is with You // Practice

Home is with You // Jam

Friday we went to check out Opening Bell Coffee where Dave was playing later that night. It is the perfect location for live music! We ate lunch there and it was fab, I had the roasted garlic tomato basil soup- SO yummy. 

Home is with You // Opening Bell

We then headed to Ft. Worth to go get my bestie Erin, that's when the lack of AC finally caught up with us. The traffic was stopped and it was HOT. It wouldn't have mattered as much but we were all dressed and ready for the show that night- oops. 

Home is with You // Ac out
This is how I feel about no AC

Home is with You // Road trip

In Ft. Worth we went to Yucatan Taco Stand for dinner to have some time to catch up with Erin before heading back to Dallas for the show. I got the vegetarian tacos and they were amazing! I was so excited because, being a vegetarian, I usually don't get tacos out anymore (except fish tacos on occasion.) Dave had the Mahi-mahi and it was really good too. Then we rushed back to Dallas for Dave's show. 

Yucatan Taco Stand on Urbanspoon
Home is with You // Hipstamatic
Home is with You // Flower shirt

Home is with You // Rock

The show went really well and the place was packed! Dave will definitely be doing another show there soon. We got to meet our Twitter friends Maria and Steve Manning (@Maria_Manning and @SteveManning) for the first time! They are such a sweet, cute couple and I'm so glad we finally got to meet in real life :) I can't wait to meet more of our twitter peeps when we start traveling more for shows this summer! PS~ if you're not following us, I'm @MallorieOwens on twitter and Dave is @Daveowensmusic...

Home is with You // Show group

After the show we drove back to Ft. Worth and stayed up way too late drinking wine, watching funny youtube videos, and just hanging with my was perfect :) I'm still beating myself up that I didn't get any pictures though! time.

Saturday we woke up and went to lunch at Spiral Diner, it's a vegan place...delish! And my kinda place :) We checked out a coffee shop in Ft. Worth and talked to them about Dave playing there and then it was time to head home. The drive home was a super hot and sweaty one, it took a little longer to get home because we needed to stop and get cold drinks and cool ourselves off a few times. We were sad to leave, but happy to know we'll be back soon :) 

Home is with You // Pink toes

Home is with You // Sunset


  1. We had a great time too. So glad we got a chance to meet you guys and Erin. BTW if you have to choose between Dallas and Austin.... Pick Dallas, pick Dallas, pick Dallas. (Subtlety is NOT my strong suit).

  2. awesome pics, mal!!!! sooooo sorry i got the dates mixed up and had to miss the show... glad to hear dave will be playing here again! we'll make the next show for sure! tell him we love the new album and can't wait to hear him sing it live =) yall are still welcome to stay with us next time he plays here; we're at least an hour closer to wichita than fw, and would LOVE to have yall! see you this summer when we're in town, xo - k

  3. It definitely was hot...but well worth it!

  4. LOL. Texas heat is the pits. I grew up in East Texas, so I know. The show looks so fun.It is cool to meet people face to face after only knowing them in the online space. I need to do that more.
    P.S. If I had to chose between Dallas and Austin. I would go with A. Love love Austin. So fun and so laid back.

  5. @Maria- Can't wait to see you all again soon! And looking like that's the plan :)

    @Kari- It's time! I'll tell him, and we don't mind staying in Ft. Worth even though it's a little further- Erin is one of my best friends so I love getting that extra time with her, but thanks! We might need to take you up on that offer sometime :)

    @Dave- Si Senor ;)

    @Keishua- It was a lot of fun. We definitely plan on Dave doing lots of shows down there whether we end up living there or not...thanks for the tip!

  6. We had a great time too. So glad we got a chance to meet you guys and Erin. BTW if you have to choose between Dallas and Austin.... Pick Dallas, pick Dallas, pick Dallas. (Subtlety is NOT my strong suit).


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