May 15, 2011

On the road again...

Ok folks, we're headed to Knoxville, TN! We are SO excited to see Dave's fam and friends like @d_c_davis :) We're leaving tonight, that way we have some time to hang out this week before the craziness begins...oh and don't worry my wonderful Dad John is swapping cars with us so we will have air conditioning (woo hoo!) Thanks John!!

Next week Dave has a show, radio appearance, or TV interview every day starting Tues, some days he has two! It is going to be a fun/exhausting week! We plan on making some videos and taking a TON of pictures while we're there, which we will be tweeting and blogging about as we get the time. I will also be doing my first vlog, so make sure to head over to the post asking for questions to leave a comment with the question(s) you have for me!

So...who is in/near the Knoxville area? We would love to see/meet you! Here is the list of shows (some of the radio interviews can be streamed from anywhere!)...

     Tuesday May 24th~ WJRV The River Radio Show (7:30-9am ET) --can be streamed here

     Tuesday May 24th~ WDVX Blue Plate Special Radio Show (12pm ET) --can be streamed here
     Wednesday May 25th~ WFIV Homegrown (7pm ET) --can be streamed here

     Wednesday May 25th~ WDVX Writer's Block Radio Show (10pm ET) --can be streamed here

     Thursday May 26th~ Hard Rock Cafe (9pm in Gatlinburg)

     Friday May 26th~ WVLT Channel 8 News (4pm)

     Friday May 26th~ Borders (7pm in Turkey Creek)

     Saturday June 4th~ Vienna Coffee House (7pm in Maryville)

These are all going to be great shows and I am so excited we were able to get so much packed into this trip! Hard Rock Cafe is going to be a blast and I just can't wait to get here goes a 14 hour car drive...good thing Dave and I always have fun on our trips :)

Home is with You // nephew
I'm extra excited to see this cutie...who has gotten way too big since we've been away!

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  1. Im tired just reading what all is happening next week. I hope Dave gets alot of rest before all of that starts. You guys have lts of fun. love, mom


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