May 9, 2011

2 Year Anniversary ♥

A little over a month ago now (oops) Dave and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary :) We had a great time relaxing together during the day and waiting for the albums to arrive. It was so exciting opening up the boxes once they got here and seeing how great it turned out! To grab a SIGNED copy of the album go here...

After we finished checking out the albums, we headed to my parents to give them a copy and show them how awesome they looked. Then we headed to dinner...Dave took me to Redrock Canyon Grill, somewhere I'd always wanted to go on a date night :)

It was a great day of celebrating our love and feeling so blessed that 2 years later we love each other even more than before...

Home is with You // Anniversary flowers
The beautiful flowers from my hubby :)

Home is with You // Anniversary outfits

Home is with You // Album

The amazing "something chocolate" desert at Redrock
Hope you all had a fabulous Mother's Day! Love you all ~Mal

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