July 16, 2011

My week in iPhone pics {2}...

iphone pictures

Sunday I was still sick so I had a Friday Night Lights marathon on Netflix. It was fab and just what I needed and now I'm officially hooked.

iphone pictures

Since I was starting to feel better on Monday I really wanted to get out of the house, so we went to our fav spot Noodles and Co. for lunch. Seriously we go here way too often, but it's cheap and they use good ingredients so we love it...

iphone pictures iphone pictures

Tuesday Dave has classes until late and I was working at home all day. He told me to be ready by the time he would be home and he was going to take me somewhere. So I got ready and we headed to Orange Leaf for some froyo...we hadn't been there in forever and we'd been craving it. It was definitely worth the wait! 

Dave loves those freaky things that pop in your mouth (pictured above), when you bite on them juice squirts out...no thanks, not my thing. But he gets so excited about them every time we go...

iphone pictures

Wednesday I spent my morning/afternoon in the pre-K classroom at Kid's Day Out. Everyone was super tired this week, which means everyone had a hard time listening. Later that night we went to the open jam sesh at The Brickyard. Above is Dave singing "Crash" by Dave Mathews Band...*swoon*

iphone pictures

Late Thursday afternoon Dave and I decided we needed to take a break from our computers and work so we headed to the mall to walk around for a bit. I wore the new watch my Mom gave me (thanks Mom!), it's amazing how a small accessory can make you feel like you have a fresh look. 

Oh and guys, I made the mistake of trying on these glasses...you know, prove to myself that I wouldn't like them anyway so I could stop thinking about them. Bad idea! I LOVED them and Dave did too, maybe someday soon...

iphone pictures

Friday I went for a run at my parent's house on their treadmill, we were under an "extreme heat advisory", aka way too hot to run outside. Afterwords I jumped in the pool for a quick swim, but it was even too hot to swim. I'd like to think it's going to cool down some, but it looks like it's only getting worse this week...later Dave and I went on a date night which you can read all about tomorrow for my steppin' out post :) *hint hint*

Hope you all are having a fabulous Saturday! ~Mal

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  1. This is a fun way to do a week's recap! Thanks for sharing. My husband and I love Noodles & Co too and we went there on Sunday this week!

  2. LOOOOOVE Orange Leaf. as much as you hate it, i am super jealous of your hot weather! it has been raining alllll week in seattle. so so so sick of it.

  3. Your Noodles & Co. photo is making me drool! Yum! And yeah, it's hella hot here in DFW too ... all the pools just feel like bath water. I'm a new follower through the iPhone photo hop :)


  4. Where I live, our froyo place is called LaBerry. It's completely addicting, but I've yet to try those little things that burst. Is it worth a shot??



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