May 6, 2009

Bangs or no decide!

I've been trying to decide for awhile now whether or not to cut bangs (as in the full bangs, I already have side "bangs") I've decided to put out a vote and see what you all think!

Here are some pics of what I would want my bangs to look like...make sure to vote (click on the "should I cut bangs at the bottom)...

Home is with You // Jennifer Love Hewitt

Home is with You // Selma Blair

Should I cut full bangs?(online surveys)


  1. Mal! Love the blog! Aw I love knowing what is going on in your life. So its 5am and I'm up to start 1 of 2 papers that are due today.. hehe.. oops? I have senioritis :) Seemed like a good time to catch up on emails ;) But really, keep up the blog, love it. And that pic of dave napping is funny.. does he always put his arms like that? hehe.

    And I tried to vote on the bangs but I got confused. Me and computers don't get along, you know this. But I always say if you've wanted to for a while, go for it! Hair grows. And you always look adorable with bangs. Love your face!

  2. Aww, thanks I'm so glad you like it! Haha, you're crazy...but I'm right there with ya, studying like crazy for my final at 2 today. Hope your papers are going well! And no, Dave doesn't always sleep like that, but he does always get himself into crazy positions like that when he naps haha.

    Haha, that's funny, it's ok though your not alone...I had a really hard time figuring out how to make the dang thing. And thanks for the support, hehe. I've been contemplating it since I went home in April and decided to wait it out and decide by the time I go home the end of this month...I just want something different! You know how I get restless with my hair...Love you!!!


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