August 18, 2009

Been awhile...

So it's been awhile since my last post...I've been really busy, but that's no excuse, so here I am!  So to get the blog updated on what I've been up to since last time...

First off...I got a job!  I'm now teaching at Children's World Learning Center here on far it's been pretty good, I am loving getting to work with kids again and to be making money'd been awhile, I forgot how good it feels to be getting a steady paycheck :)  They have all the new hires working as "floaters" going where we are needed to fill in for breaks and such...although so far I keep getting chosen to be placed in classrooms for weeks instead of hours like the others haha.  My second and third week were spent in a classroom of 2-3 year olds and now I am in a 3-4's room until their second teacher returns (which right now is indefinitely.)  That's good for  me though!

Dave even got me some flowers to celebrate my first day...these were waiting for me when I got home, along with dinner...I am so blessed :)

Home is with You // Sweet surprise

Home is with You // Colorful bouquet

Also the past month or so, Dave has been playing lots of shows in the are a few pics from those...

Home is with You // Dave Owens
Playing on a Saturday night at Koopers Tavern
Home is with You // barefoot
...and the shoes are off, it's serious now!
Home is with You // Woody's Rum Bar
Woody's Rum Bar and favorite location to be in the audience so far, such a great view!

[Home is with You // Fells Point

Ok enough of the catching up, now on to the new Dave and I have been looking into getting rid of my beloved jeep (aka Serina Misquito) and getting a newer car for me!  Even though it's going to be tough to finally get rid of my trusty Serina, it's time to move on...we took her to CarMax this weekend to get an appraisal and they offered us 1,000 (not bad for a 97 jeep with 169,000 miles.)

As for the replacement car...we were thinking a 2004 jeep grand know, stick with what I know and love.  But after some intensive research by my wonderful husband, we're looking at other options...

Now we're looking into possibly getting a 2003ish Acura MDX

Home is with You // Acura MDX

Or a 2003ish Yukon Lt...

Home is with You // Yukon Lt

So far I'm leaning towards the Acura, not sure I could handle a big car like a Yukon quite yet. What do you all think?

Ok that should be enough for now, love and miss you all! ~Mal

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