November 9, 2009

On to more recent happenings...

So as many of you know we've been doing our best to eat natural and often organic food...we still eat out every now and then (not anywhere near as often as we were doing) and eat "normal"  food.  We just try to be reasonable about it.  Here's a few pics of some of the yummy foods we've been making with our better for you ingredients...

Home is with You // Banana Bread
My chocolate chip banana bread...not as healthy for you but all natural sugar and whole wheat flour

Home is with You // Homemade bread

Home is with You // Homemade Pizza
Dave's scrumptious pizza...made with wheat dough, spaghetti sauce, mozerella cheese, feta cheese, and tomato bruchetta (that's the brown lumps and what makes it look greasy)...dare I say it's as good as if not better than "Wheat State" pizza? :)
Home is with You // cooking

Home is with You // Homamde chili

Home is with You // Halloween Chili
The finished product...SO GOOD!

Home is with You // Halloween pasta
The Halloween pasta my Mom sent us :)
Home is with You // Baked pumpkin seeds
The seeds from our pumpkin I baked
Home is with You // dumplings
The meal Dave prepared for me after a rough day at work..
Home is with You // wine and dinner
mmm...veggie potstickers, organic brown rice, and wine...perfect :)

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