November 19, 2011

Guest post: The Arizona Russums

**To kick off our guest posts I have Jen from The Arizona Russums here today to share with you all! Make sure to go give her some love after you read this amazing post, love her fun site :)**

Hi! My name is Jen and I blog about faith, marriage, grad school and life in the desert over at 
The Arizona Russums! I am so excited to be here with y'all on Mallorie's blog today!

Did  you ever watch the movie Pollyanna growing up? I loved that movie - mainly looking at all of Pollyanna's pretty dresses after she got to go shopping with her rich aunt {Is that materialistic? I was obsessed with dresses when I was little}. I also read the book, because I am the nerd that always reads the book.

Anyway, if you are familiar with Pollyanna you probably remember that she played the "glad game" in which she would try to find something to be thankful for in the midst of unfortunate situations. In the book/movie, she talks about a time her family {who were missionaries} received a package of crutches instead of a package of toys {Pollyanna was expecting a doll}. But instead of being mad about the crutches, they chose to be glad that they didn't have to use them.

It's so easy to be "thankful" for the obvious things in life - shelter, food, family, friends. Of course, we should be thankful for these things and try not to take them for granted, but sometimes I like to challenge myself to find things to be thankful for in the sad, messy, chaotic or confusing moments in life. Even when things don't seem to be going my way, I know there are things to be thankful for in every situation.

Here are a few of my glad moments lately:

{This is what my bedroom looks like right now - as well as the rest of my house. We just moved this weekend, and while I hate moving, I am thankful for a newer, bigger house that will allow us to be more hospitable to friends and family!}

{These are my running shoes that haven't been used in over a week. Due to the craziness of moving, visitors and presentations for school, I have not been able to work out in far too long. However, I am about to go suffer through a run after a week off. Even though I know it will probably not be very fun, I am so thankful I have legs that can walk and run! Not everyone does. I am privileged, not entitled, to exercise.}

{This is the pile of books that currently sits on my desk at school. The end of the semester is always completely overwhelming as I try to juggle grading my students' papers with writing my own for my grad classes. Even though it's easy to get stressed and anxious during this time, I am thankful that I am in grad school pursuing my dream of getting my PhD and that I have an amazing husband that supports this endeavor, even though it means I spend many late nights writing papers and am only able to contribute a teeny, tiny portion to our family income.}

And here is that supportive husband... love him...

Now what are some things you can be thankful for in the messy areas of life?



  1. The "Glad Game" is my favorite! It's like my life's anthem. haha! I"m so glad you posted this and congrats on the move. I hope you settle in smoothly! :) Mallorie, as always love the blog :)

  2. I always loved Pollyanna growing up. Right now I am glad for the early Christmas present I got from Dad, which is giving my family the security of knowing we still have a place to live through January.


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