November 21, 2011

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Here are some stats...

200+ views daily
166 likes on facebook
704 followers on twitter 
332 google followers, growing daily! 
*Plus my husband's social network that he shares the blog with of about 20,000+ people! 

Ads // Home is with You
*Even though our readership and page views have increased since last month, for the month of December the prices aren't going to increase! I know everyone is tight these days because of the holidays coming up, so I wanted to make it easier for you all to still sponsor us next month :)

Introducing feature spots! These will only be available month-to-month. They are $10/month. Feature spots will be placed above the rest of the sponsors. Spots are limited.

The large spots are $6/month or $15 for 3 months. These will be the first spots below the feature spots.

The small spots are $4/month or $10 for 3 months. They will be placed below the large sponsor spots.

I'm also open to doing giveaways and/or reviews if you wish to do so, just let me know! I'd also love to wear your products to help promote your shop and help get your name out there. I will only wear items that reflect my personal style. You can email me if you're interested or with any questions at Homeiswithyoublog {at} gmail {dot} com ...can't wait to hear from you!

**Prices are subject to change as my blog grows


  1. Has the feature or large spot filled up?

  2. There are still large and feature spots available! Email me if you're interested :)


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