November 18, 2011

On the road again...

On the Road // Home is with You

 Bright and early this morning Dave and I are headed down to Austin! We are beyond excited. Neither of us has ever been and since this will be our new home come January, we can't wait to check it out. We're also extra excited because tonight we get to meet the fabulous Ruthie and Amanda...don't worry I'll write a post and tell you all about it :)

As amazing as this adventure is going to be, this trip is going to be a crazy one! Here's our schedule...

*Dave and I will be in Austin Friday afternoon through Saturday afternoon.
*Saturday afternoon we'll be heading back up to Dallas for Dave's show at Opening Bell that night
*Sunday morning we're headed to Knoxville, TN...this is where Dave's family is, we can't wait to meet the new baby and see everyone!
*Monday Dave will be on Channel 8 News in Knoxville on the noon show
*Tuesday RELAXING...hopefully :)
*Wednesday morning Dave will be on air bright and early at 106.1 you can listen in here, later that night Dave will be on Writer's Block at 10pm ET, you can listen online here
*Obviously, Thursday is Thanksgiving and we'll be spending the whole day with family
*Friday Dave has a show at Vienna Coffee House
*Sunday we're headed towards home, but will be spending the night in Kentucky with one of Dave's old friends
*And Monday we will finally be headed home!!
Road Trip // Home is with You

Whew! Are you guys tired? Because I'm tired! Apparently these kicks were made for traveling...I will miss you all! But not to worry, I lined up some fabulous guest bloggers while we're gone and I promise to pop in from time to time and say hi :) Happy Friday!

PS~ for a better description of where we'll be and what we're doing, check out Dave's post about our trip! 

And the winner of The Yellow Peony giveaway is Ruthie! Hahaha, so serious, I took a screen shot and everything to prove to you all that chose the very first entry. That just so happens to be one of the ladies I'll be meeting in Austin crazy is that?


  1. Wow, crazy schedule! Can I say how JEALOUS I am that you three are meeting up?!?! Why aren't I there!! That is great that Dave has some good publicity opportunities lined up! I hope you'll love where your new home is going to be!! xo

  2. I love your flowery suitcase! :] that print is adorable.

  3. YAY! I cannot wait to see you tonight!! Have a safe safe trip girl. And I cannot believe I WON!! It is fate! :-)

  4. Safe travels to you and your hubbs! Found your blog by way of the Wiegands and have decided to hang out for awhile. Newly following and looking forward to reading about your little adventures.

  5. how exciting to meet those awesome ladies!! have so much fun on your trip with your hubby!


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