December 17, 2011

The light at the end of the tunnel...

Friday night was Dave's last show of the year, crazy. We raised lots of food for the Kansas Food Bank which was really exciting. So thankful for everyone who came out and donated, you all are wonderful! The girls we had open for Dave were amazing and Dave's show was great as always, but even so, the night was kind of a bummer...

Now don't ask me how this happened, because it is truly beyond me how this could ever happen...
but somehow there were nine other acts that got booked for the same night.
A show he has had booked for months,done interviews for, 
put posters all over town, and done endless social media marketing 
in order to get the most people we possibly could to come out and support this great cause. 

...and yet, 
as we were setting up 
people started pouring in 
claiming that they too were supposed to play that night.

Thankful // Home is with You

Understandably, frustrations grew...

If it would have been any other night we would have been able to be more flexible. But since it was a benefit concert and people had brought food donations and planned on seeing Dave play, we couldn't split up the time any more. Dave offered for people to play before him and said he would stop early for others to play....

...we had no support from the staff 
all of the acts were left to figure it out amongst themselves
everyone was worked up and we became the bad guys.

Thankful // Home is with You

That's when people started to talk... 
sitting in the back at my table with the albums 
I heard the other musicians start to talk badly about Dave.

...this broke my heart.
My husband is the sweetest man
with the biggest heart of anyone I know.
To hear people go on about him and hearing things
people were saying about him that were such fabrications
was infuriating.

Thankful // Home is with You

It really got me down that people can be so cruel.
That someone could make up such lies about another person
and not feel bad about it...

...but through the darkness there was a light.
Later on in the evening, my parents started talking 
to the people at the next table. As one girl talked about 
how much she was loving Dave's music my Dad had a feeling
he should buy her an album, so he did.

The woman was pleasantly surprised 
and told my Dad that he had just made her night.
She explained that her friend had taken her out that night
because it was the six year anniversary of her mother's death.
                                                                    ...He works in mysterious ways.

Thankful // Home is with You

As Dave and I drove home we talked about how their negativity didn't matter at all. 
The fact that we had collected so many donations for 
The Kansas Food Bank and that light was shed on just one woman's hard night, 
makes it all worth it. 

Why waste time on negative energy when you can be sharing light with the world? 


  1. Aww. I really love this post. Isn't it amazing how He works? Who else could turn such hurtful words & a poor schedule into such an amazing night? My husband used to be in a band and I can totally feel for you.. sitting back and listening to people say mean things is HARD. But, to be the bigger person and not turn around & tell them to shut their mouth is even HARDER.
    Good for YOU & DAVE! For being the bigger people and for your dad.. buying a cd for a stranger who he didn't even know, really needed it. xoxo

  2. Mal, I wish I was there... But then again, maybe it was better than I wasn't there, because I wouldn't have had the strength to sit there and listen, and not do something about it ...

    Anyway, all I can do is offer you a big cyber hug. And that woman that your dad shed some light over --- you're right. it is completely worth it. Knowing that someone's day was better because of you, your hubby, and your dad is the best reward in my book...

    people will always talk smack about other people... especially when they have a reason to envy them!

    so chin up, my friend. What really matters is that you know the truth about what you heard. And you guys did an amazing thing in the process.
    Much love,

  3. There will always be people who talk negatively no matter what career you are in. Sorry to hear that it happened to you and Dave.

    So glad you found the positive in the situation.

  4. Oh wow, what a night! I am glad you were able to find the positive among all the negative that was occurring around you. =)

  5. Nine shows!?! What in the world! I don't have any idea of how that could even happen! I would have had a very hard time sitting there listening to people talk negatively about my husband. Kudos to you for just taking it, and then finding light! You guys did a great thing! :)

  6. I'm sorry that people could be so cruel. However, the outcome of blessings that came from this performance gave me chills :)


  7. Thanks for having my back sweetheart!

  8. Teared up at this post hun....such a great example of the grace and love of God....and how he works in ways that are far beyond our own understanding!

  9. WOW! First off, let me get this off my chest. How could people talk bad about such amazing people!?

    Okay, now that I said that.. what a beautiful post and an amazing way to turn the situation around and ::look at the bright side:: Love this girl-- and it just makes me love you two even more!

  10. That is such a great post! I am so sorry to hear how people talked about Dave. It is beyond me how others can do that. I love the ending of the night you said, all in all, it doesn't matter what was said because they were lies and the good that came of the night was far greater. So sweet!

  11. It's like that old saying goes "sticks and stones will break my bones what words will never hurt me" I don't understand people who have to be negative like the end you guys are way better then that! :-)


  12. This was so awesome to read! I love seeing the way the Lord works things out for His good! I hope that lady and many others were very blessed!
    I hope you both were too!
    Merry Christmas!

  13. I'm so sorry you all had such a rough time! People can be so cruel! It was a great cause though! God bless!

  14. Love this post! The pictures & the words both--beautiful.


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