June 27, 2013

ShoeDazzle ↠ A shoe lovers dream.

Most of you probably don't know this about me yet, but I'm a bit of a shoe fiend. I guess I haven't written much about shoes or how much I love them on this space because since I've been writing here I haven't really had the budget for them. So, in an effort not to go crazy and buy all the pairs I write about, I suppose it's just been easier to just not go there. (Now I'm starting to sound like I'm a gambler trying not to slip back into the slippery slope of slot machines and blackjack...I promise it's not that bad...I don't think.)

 photo shoedazzle-quiz-step-3_zpsb55e31b4.png

One place I have allowed myself to window shop for the past year or so is ShoeDazzle. I've had to talk myself out of so many pairs of adorable shoes on there, more times than I'd like to admit. I'm hoping once my photography business is up and running here in Alaska I won't have to just window shop anymore!

Getting set up on ShoeDazzle is as simple as taking a fun little quiz about your style. I really enjoyed seeing what my showroom consisted of once they put it together for me.  Plus, as an added bonus, you get 25% off your first pair after you take the quiz. I still need to make use of mine....maybe on these summer beauties....

 photo shoe_zpsb39c4dc3.jpg

Anyone else a shoe lover like myself? What kind of shoes would you hope to see in your personal showroom?

Full Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by ShoeDazzle, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Oh my word, those shoes are fab-mazing. I just made that up, but it's true.


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