June 26, 2013

Lately (the last few months) in iPhone pictures ↠

In the last few months, since I've been on the road, I haven't taken a minute to do a post sharing pictures I've taken with my iPhone. I love Instagram and put a lot of effort into making my space a beautiful one on there, just like I do here, so I always like sharing the pictures I've posted on there. I feel like it's especially important to do it now that Instagram doesn't show you every picture by every person (WHY does it do that?)...if you're not already following along, join me on Instagram here.

iPhone pictures lately // Home is with You

≫≫ a run in the clouds
≫≫ gorgeous waterfall at Table Rock Lake
≫≫ just hangin' out with a buffalo...no biggie

≫≫ a moment to relax (top featured here)
≫≫ I had the opportunity to photograph a Sangeet and it was THE coolest party I've ever been to
≫≫ watching the ladies at Pouf in Dallas make a tutorial (check it out here)
≫≫ my last morning (after two months) of waking up without my love by my side

≫≫ Cali at 8pm vs arriving in Alaska at 12pm...consider my mind blown
≫≫ we waited two months for this hand hold
≫≫ mountains right off the highway
≫≫ our view of the sunset over the ocean

≫≫ my new favorite spot
≫≫ the "first day of summer" here in Alaska was brought in with cooler temps...I secretly loved it
≫≫ another beautiful day in the neighborhood
≫≫ being "those people" and trying out beds

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  1. Wait. What?! Instagram doesn't show you everything in your feed?!


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