April 25, 2011

100 things about me {part 2}...

26.  Until Dave and I got married I had lived in Kansas my whole life…

27.  …I have now lived in Maryland, Tennessee, and soon to be Texas! (maybe)

28.  I’m addicted to Sriracha hot sauce…I use it on 99.99% of the food I eat and I use it until I hurt (my nose is running, my eyes are watering, and my tongue is on FIRE!)

29.  I collect angels 

30.  I’m a vegetarian, have been for a year now…

31.  I went to a very small high school…I graduated with 50 people in my class...

32.  …I went to that school from pre-school through graduation, most of my classmates did the same…we’re like family

Home is with You // Preschool Graduation
Our Pre-school graduation :)
33.  I have only broken bones they don’t put in casts (nose, tailbone, toe)

34.  Dave proposed to me after knowing me 4 months 

35.  Anytime I need a really big smile, I just go look at this picture…seriously people how can you not smile when you look at this? You can’t.

Home is with You // Dad's kiss

36. I'm a snuggler

37.  Mexican food is my favorite and I NEVER get sick of it

38.  I’m blind as a bat…once I take my contacts out at night I can’t see anything…       

39.  ...someday I hope to have Lasik surgery so I can see when I wake up in the morning, how wonderful that will be!

40.  My hair is naturally curly, but I prefer to wear it straight or curled because then it's controlled

41.  ...but I've been trying to wear it curly more often because Dave likes it best that way, and it's much better for my hair

Home is with You // Grandpa's hats
My cousin AJ and I trying on Grandpa's hats circa 1987ish

42.  I make a lot of faces when I talk, I feel like that combined with different voices helps me get my point across :P (see above pic)

 43.  My favorite movies are Pretty Woman, Garden State, and Across the Universe…

44.  ...favorite TV shows are Everybody Loves Raymond, Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill (yes I still watch that show), Dexter, and Weeds

45.  The best present I’ve ever gotten was my Canon DSLR Dave gave me for Christmas ‘09

Home is with You // First DSLR

46.  I love to read and I usually have about 5 books going at once...

 47. ...my favorite books are The Giver, Prozac Nation, The Giving Tree, When God Winks, Only a Woman, and The Fountainhead

48. I love animals and can't wait until Dave and I get a dog...I love big dogs like Golden Retrievers and all black German Shepherds...

49. ...but some day I would also love to have a little dog like my Mom and John's Chihuahua...Libbie is queen of the house...

Home is with You // Sibling pic
My brother Logan and I with Libbie, Easter '08

50.  Sometimes I miss taking college classes, but I guess that's a good thing since eventually I want to go back and get my Masters...

...ok next 25 to come a week from today, let me know if there's something you want me to answer or something you think I should add! And in case you want to link up...or go here to see Part 1


  1. This post has me cracking up...that picture of me and my "Dads" always gets to me. I'm so glad you still love the camera, too!

  2. Cool facts. Amazing how much I have in common with you. Curly hair (like it better straight too). Love to read. Love going to classes. I talk witih my hands and make facial gestures when I talk. Since visiting Mexico a few years ago, I fell in love with true salsa and eat it on everything. I love dogs - wheaton terrier and golden retriever. I graduated from a small school and small class.

    It's easy to see why Dave fell in love. You seem like a wonderfully sweet (and very pretty) young lady. :D


  3. LOL!

    I know I wasn't in pre-k, and I didn't graduate with ya'll, but I am cracking up over here, at how many faces I recognize! Boys! It seems their expressions never change!

    And as for you, Mrs. Owens, I expect you to be carded well into your 50's :p.

  4. @Violet- wow, sounds like we do have a lot in common :) And thank you!

    @Meg- haha I know, too funny...and someday I'll be happy to still look 12 :)

  5. I Love that guac too. Yummy

  6. I Love that guac too. Yummy


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