April 26, 2011

Album love...

We have gotten such a tremendous response on twitter (and everywhere else) about the new album that I thought I'd share some of what people are saying. You guys have really blown Dave and I away with your responses...I mean I knew this album rocked even as it was being made during our time in the studio, but to hear all of you getting as excited about the album as we are is truly amazing...

Home is with You // Love Via Music

@ Pre-order @ 's new album. I've heard it, it's great!! (Geno is a celebrity blogger, you can see his site here)
@ @ Best on the release, it sounds great!!!! (Melody is a musician in LA)

@ @ New Album by Twitter friend & rising star, Dave Owens. Take a listen! You know you want one!
@ you so need to listen to @ just got his Love via Music cd from the states and its Amazing !!! (Scotland)

@ Do it! :) great album! RT @: Don't have your pre-release *signed* copy of the new album? Get it here!

@ Listening to @ "Tiny Hands" and "The Sneaky Song" Loving them Dave! =D

@ I am laying on the floor in the airport, @ is singing away my blues.

@ @ @ Absolutely love your new CD! Fantastic!!!! (Ohio)

@ @ Change that tune! to "The Sneaky Song" or "Song In B", it'll make you smile!

@ According to my ipod, I have listened to @'s song When You're Lonely 37 times...since tuesday.

@ Heard @ live tonight, while working @ ! He is fantastic. Look him up.

@ Blackheart by @ Love this song! (Kansas)

@ you really need to check out @. He's got the package!

@ @ love u Dave and love the album!!!!!! (Texas)

@ @ just received your album in the mail today! Listening to it as I type...fabulous!!! :)

@ dancing around the house to Tiny Hands, love the guitar...cd has a really good, jazzy kind of groove

@  @ it arrives! it's so cool man! Thank you!

@  @...look what I got...love it..thanks!! ...Totally. diggin' it...playing non-stop since it arrived!!

@  If you haven't heard of @ , you need to google him. His new CD is awesome!

@ Pretty excited about my copy of @'s new CD!!!

@ If you haven't ordered @ 's new CD "Love Via Music",do so! Pre-order here Great music from a Great Guy

@ Get a copy of Love via Music @! Thank u, Dave! You're amazing! (musician in Chicago)
@ @ 1st chance I had was 2nt to listen to ur music after last wk. OMG I love it!!

@ Best birthday present ever! Thanks @!

@ Shall we start a hashtag? :) @ as soon as U have an Italian date, let us know! (Italy)

@ @ .... we love you!!!! your Italian fans... :)

@ @ I just wanted to let you know that I ADORE every song in the new CD :D been on repeat! (NJ/NY)

@ Listening to "Love via Music" by @ am loving this cd

@ just got the CD! It's great! (Tennessee)

@ Yaaaaay! Just got my copy of @ 's new CD! In the car now, love it!

@ @ got your cd in the mail today! Havent stopped playing it! Proud of you, great cd!

@ @ Hey there dave what a great musician you are love the jazz ensemble and music lyrics on Tennessee song..great vocals too

@ @ I'm loving The First time you smiled. It's beautiful

@ Now playing: When You're Lonely by @. Perfect.

...if I've missed yours or you have something to add let me know. And if you'd like to own an album for yourself go here. You all are the best. Love ya ~Mal

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