October 18, 2011

Buy local...

Buy Local // Home is with You

I ran across this yesterday and I couldn't help but share! I love it, it's so true. Our country is struggling right now and the best way to solve this problem is to buy local, independent merchants as often as possible. I know this can be difficult and sometimes expensive, but it's important.

This is definitely something we all need to remember especially as we start our holiday shopping this year. We can really make a difference if we all do our best to buy from small independent merchants before resorting to the big chain stores...just something to think about...


  1. Agree 100% girl!! Seems like we have a lot in common as I get to know you better!! :)
    I'll be buying unique gifts from Etsy and local boutiques! So much more fun, anyways! Support micro economies!! Yay! haha

  2. I whole heartedly agree!!

    - Sarah

  3. What a great idea! I am going to try to do this more this holiday season! :)

  4. Totally agree!!! I really want to buy handmade (and make a handmade wishlist :) ) this Christmas!

  5. As a etsy seller i totally agree!!! :P Love this..


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