October 1, 2011

Local love and a winner...

Happy Saturday all! This morning Dave and I are headed to the Old Town Farmer's Market bright and early, Dave is going to perform :) We are really excited because we haven't had a chance to make it down there this year. Can't wait to check out all the local stuff! I'll post all about our day tomorrow for Steppin' Out Saturday. Hope you all have a wonderful day...

Oh and ROCK CHALK! Today is KU's Homecoming game :)

Local Love // Home is with You

...and the winner of the Pearlie Girl giveaway is Maria Manning! Congrats!

Don't forget Jen is giving everyone who likes her Facebook page 20% off their order...so go now!


  1. How fun! I love the farmer's market! Hope the performance goes well :)

  2. Love the farmers market too :) hope everything went well :)

  3. i have a random obsession with KU basketball. just FYI :)

  4. Awesome! We can definitely be friends then :)


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