March 22, 2013

A few thoughts for Friday...

Home is with You // Friday randoms.

>> I'll be spilling the beans on what in the world I'm talking about in this post on Monday! Stay tuned...also, thanks for all the wonderful comments on that post, you all are THE best!

>> Dave has an online show this Sunday at 7pm Central time! There will be candles, chats, and an awesome concert straight to your living room...don't miss it. Grab a ticket here.

>> Thank you all for the lovely Anniversary tweets, texts, comments, etc yesterday...we are so thankful for you all.

>> I'm too excited about the KANSAS game tonight, I can't concentrate...rock chalk baby! Any fellow Jayhawks out there?

>> I love this adorable vintage winter hat, and since winter has decided to come back and play I think we all need one.

>> It's Friiiiiday! Can I get a heck yes?! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend...


  1. Not a Kansas fans, per se but I really hope they win. My bracket can't take any more mistakes haha

  2. Ooohh I can't wait to hear what Mondays news is!!!


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