March 20, 2013

Grilled Salmon on our DIY recycled grill.

This weekend Dave found an old grill top out in the woods near our house, and after some major scrubbing we decided to put it to good use. He took a bunch of bricks that were stacked up behind the house and built a homemade/recycled grill. Last night he grilled our salmon out there and it was by far the best salmon he's made yet...

Home is with You // DIY recycled grill
Home is with You // DIY recycled grill
Home is with You // DIY recycled grill
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Even if you don't happen to have an old grill top this could be an easy/cheap project to make your grill look a lot nicer in your backyard. Just grab one of those little $20 grills (Walmart even has a $10 grill), build up your bricks however you want, and set the grill on top/inside.

It looks great in the backyard! I'll post a better pic on instagram today that will show it from the side so you can see how tall it is.


  1. Yay for crafty husbands :-) and for grilled salmon too!yum!!


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