December 29, 2012

Did you miss me?

We're alive! Kind of. Between no internet at my in-laws and this sickness of death that we both came down with, it's questionable at best. But we are so thankful for your thoughts and prayers you've been sending our way, we're finally on the upside of this illness.

Home is with You
Another shot I grabbed through the passenger window going 70mph.

I have missed this little space of mine more than you all know! How are you all? I miss you're lovely comments gracing my inbox every day. I have so many big plans and ideas for this site, my shop, and the photography (not to mention the amazing things happening for Dave's music) and I sincerely hope that you all join us for the ride...


  1. So happy you arrived safely! Hope that you feel better soon. How do you like your new home state??

  2. So sorry to hear you guys have been ill! I had that sickness of death for two solid weeks over Thanksgiving. Worst thing ever. And I still don't think my sinuses have fully recovered... Hope you feel better soon!!!

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