December 21, 2012

This and that...

Home is with You
I got this picture through my window going 70 on the highway, absolutely no editing on this one.

We're still here! Sorry I've been missing around here, but between traveling to multiple families for Christmas and moving half way across the country, it's been a bit tricky to say the least. Add in no internet at my in-laws and it's been pretty impossible, but things are going to start slowing down a bit after this weekend so things will be back to normal.

We've done radio shows, tv interviews, live shows, an online show, visited with friends and family, and drove 1,600 miles so far this trip. Whew! We're tired, but we need to get our second wind because today we have more radio/tv interviews and then a big show at Hard Rock Cafe, followed by another show at Vienna Coffee House on Saturday.

I'll be posting regularly on this space again so pretty please stick with us. What have you all been up to? I miss your lovely comments and emails! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week full of quality family time.


  1. Wow! fabulous pic! hope you get that second wind :-)

  2. What a busy week you've had Mal! I hope you're enjoying your travels, grabbing some good sleep when you can, and Christmas-sing your little heart out :-)! I've realized that I've never mentioned (I've been soooo absent from blogland lately, and when I steal I few minutes to read, I never comment....bad blogger friend here :-() that I'm only two hours from Winston Salem! Count on some blates in the New Year missy :-)! Keep in touch when you soon.~


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