December 6, 2012

What are you waiting for?

Adventure is Waiting: Home is with You
You can now buy this print here! really, truly is. Do you seek it out? Avoid it at all costs? Or let it come find you?

What kind of adventurer are you? Lately I've been seeking it out and facing it head on. It's quite thrilling actually, to finally embrace that change is inevitable and with it comes new adventures. I've never been one who enjoys change much, but when you expect it and even in some cases hope for it, it changes you. If you dare to allow it...

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  1. Completely agree with you. There is nothing like takings risks in life and truly confiding in God and your faith.

    XO Lori

  2. I'm forcing myself to face it head on - I'm terrified but it needs to happen!

  3. I love this!! But what should I go for?? Hmm

  4. You go girl, I need to do this myself.

  5. I wasn't always adventurous, I was the introvert for the longest time. But ever since I met my fiance and loved how adventurous he was, I've been so open to being more adventurous!


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