February 14, 2013

Be Mine.


Won't you? Hehe. I thought it would be fun to make you all an old school Valentine today. :) How are you all spending the day? A romantic night out? A homemade dinner at home? Or swearing off all things love related and going out with girlfriends?

Pretty sure I spent every Valentine's Day before I met Dave single and my best friend Jen was always my Valentine, but I wouldn't have had it any other day. We always went to dinner and made it fun, I was never one to swear off Valentine's Day completely. It's such a fun day full of love, hearts, chocolate, and good food...whether you're single or taken. Just have fun with it!

Dave and I planned to spend the evening cooking a nice dinner at home and then going to see Safe Haven, but since we're still in the hotel until Saturday, we're postponing our full Valentine's style celebration. But don't worry, there will still be pink, red, hearts, and lots of love over here...

So, Happy Valentine's Day loves! XOXO ~Mal

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  1. Lol "Or swearing off all things love related and going out with girlfriends?"

    That is 100% my roommate today! I told her my goal for the day was to find a cute boy and fall in love. She responded that her goal is not to see a single thing related to Valentine's Day.

    I totally wrote about making the most of being single on Valentine's Day on the blog today!

    I hope you love Safe Haven! The book was so amazing! And wow, this comment is getting long. Happy Valentine's Day to you both!


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