February 21, 2013

Catching up with life...


Currently I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. After over two months of being on the road, and putting a lot of things on hold, I'm having a hard time knowing where to start with...anything. There is so much I feel behind on: building my new business, getting this site organized, unpacking, advertising, reading other lovely posts, and (some days) life in general.

The old me would have taken this overwhelming feeling and plopped myself on the couch for a show to "regroup" or skimmed Facebook until I felt ready to tackle everything in front of me. Not now. One of my goals for awhile now has been to work on staying focused and calm and working on one thing at a time. It's a process and I know I'm not there yet, but I'm trying and that's the important thing. Right?

How do you all go about getting through a to-do list that's miles long?
Do you tend to get overwhelmed and give up? Or are you hardcore and plow through?
Any tips for someone like me?


  1. I totally hear ya!! I've been trying to have Facebook free days at least once a week or going at least the daytime without my guilty pleasure blog/Instagram/Facebook browsing and I find myself feeling MUCH calmer and focused and enjoy the downtime even more then! Love your pictures, as always, girl!!

  2. Work is getting busy for me, especially with event season on the horizon and with so much other stuff going on... baby, new church group, new blog opportunities, etc I am so surprised I'm not getting overwhelmed but I am remembering all this "busy" stuff is wonderful fulfilling stuff! I have learned to say no to things and that I don't have to do EVERYTHING at once. I can leave work to be done for tomorrow!

  3. "work on staying focused and calm and working on one thing at a time" - it's funny because I posted about the same thing today. It's a tough thing to learn. Most of the time, I just want to feel caught up with everything and that makes me so anxious that I end up less productive and with more things to do. One thing that helps me is to set the three most important tasks of the day. Three things that are vitally necessary for me to do. I add more stuff to the list, but I try to keep in mind that not everything has to get done on the same day.

  4. This sounds like me! Life can be so overwhelming. In my house my have a ton going on with family, work, school, friends, home for sale, wedding planning, dogs- the list does not end!

    It really helps me get focused if I change up my scenery. If I sit down in the living room, I will lose focus easily. If I go to my office or the guest room (which I never use), I find the new environment helps me be productive.

    Also, get fun "work" stuff. New pens, paper, notebooks, planner, anything. Having fun products makes me want to be organized.

  5. love this post. i think it is important to put effort into trying. that's definitely a right step forward. whatever you do, try not to move backwards. people have a habit when they become overwhelmed, they just come to a stand still. the only thing that'll accomplish is being in the same position as before. what i do in a stressfull/overwhelming time is remove myself from it temporarily. whether its running out for a quick drive alone, taking a nap, doing yoga or even a bubble bath to unwind. it's all really beneficial to help you see more clearly!

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  7. Well this is embarrassing. I had too many browser tabs open earlier and got my blogs crossed, so I had to delete my previous comment because it was intended for a completely different blog post.

    Anyhoo...love this post. "Overwhelmed" could've been my middle name. One of my co-workers decided to make "do something!" the office motto, and it should probably be one of my personal mantras as well. I know that something is always better than nothing, but all too often I find myself paralyzed by uncertainty, indecision, etc.

    P.S. Your blog came highly recommended by my sister (Tracey @becoming jewelry).


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