February 26, 2013

Eating Healthy on a Budget: Where to Shop

Eating Healthy on a Budget: Where to Shop // Home is with You
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My next installment in the Eating Healthy on a Budget Series is going to be my recommendations on where to shop. Some of these specific food examples may not apply to your area (although I've lived in multiple areas in the past few years), but I'm sure you can take these suggestions and make them work for you and your city.

Also, this is just how Dave and I do it, you might have a different routine that works better for you and you're still able to eat healthy without breaking the bank. If so, feel free to share in the comments!

Here are the places we shop and what we tend to buy there:

*Sam's Club (or Costco, etc.)- even if you're a family of two (or even still single!) buying in bulk is always a great idea. There are so many things that you can find that won't go badly right away or things that you know you eat faster than others. You can find some great deals at these places and it is definitely worth the cost of membership.
        -Eggs: we get 18 organic free range eggs for the price of a dozen at most stores.
        -Milk: we buy a three pack of almond milk for about $4.
        -Bread: two pack for about the price of one loaf.
        -Cheese: they have a great variety of cheeses at fabulous prices.
        -Fruits: a big bag of lemons or limes for $3 and specials you have to watch out for (the other day, Dave and I got bananas at 99c a bundle.)
        -Veggies (that don't need to be organic, I'll go into this in another post): a bag of avocados for $3
        -Fish: they have a 6 pack of canned albacore tuna that we love. As far as frozen fish, know what you're buying first (again, I'll go into this), but they have the best prices around.
        -Other: a big box of crackers (make sure they're whole wheat), larger tubs of hummus, oats, cereal, sauces, honey, big bags of coffee, spinach, etc.

*Super Target- I know a lot of people don't think of Target when they think of grocery shopping, but as far as the healthy alternatives, they seem to have the largest selection at the best prices. That is, as long as you can stay away from the clothes and all the other fun stuff you can find there.
        -Morningstar products: ch'kn nuggets, veggie burgers, etc. NEVER buy these full price, they will always go on sale and then stock up if you need to.
        -Annie's products: organic mac and cheese, organic spaghetti o's, etc. Same goes for Annie's, these will go on sale for $1 a piece...just wait.
        -Chobani greek yogurt: these can also be found for $1 a piece.
        -Frozen fruit and vegetables: Target has the big bags at great prices, again, wait for a sale and stock up.
        -Soups: they have multiple options for low-sodium and organic soups (read your ingredients though!), and you know what I'm going to say at this point...wait for that sale!

*Farmer's Market or local organic grocer- this is the perfect place to find all the extra items, if you have the time and money.
        -Fresh from the farm vegetables.
        -Homemade breads.


  1. Great post and I totally agree with all of it. We shop all of those places for just those exact reasons. We're big fans of Annie's Organics and it's great that Target has such a large selection.

  2. When we were living in Texas and had a larger lot, we had a deep freeze outside under the car port and I stored so much bulk food in there! I would make one GIANT Sam's Club run at the first of the month to last us the entire month, and sometimes into the next. Even now without that, there are still things that I refuse to buy anywhere else. You just can't beat the bulk prices!


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