February 12, 2013



This week we're stuck. Holed up in a hotel room as we continue the search for a place to live. We found the place of our dreams this past weekend, but the owners/landlords are currently out of the country and communication has been difficult.

So, we're stuck. We can't rent a place until this weekend either way, but we are praying we find the right place in the next few days so we can move in immediately. Things have been crazy since the first day we got to North Carolina, and now that I'm back it seems it never stopped. We're trying not to let the bumpy ride affect how we feel about this move, but it can be hard.

We're staying in high spirits though and have high hopes that we'll find a perfect place to rent by this weekend. We can't wait to settle in and be able to cook our own food again and catch up on our favorite shows. It's the little things in life.


  1. uh oh did your other lodging plans fall through?? Hope you guys find somewhere quickly!!

  2. I can't imagine being in the situation you're in right now. But you have such a great attitude about it and it's very uplifting to see! I will continue to pray that y'all will find a place!

  3. Sending positive house hunting vibes your way! :) You guys will find a place very soon, I just know it!


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