April 22, 2013

Spring storm.

I don't know what is going on with all of this crazy weather here in Wichita...just kidding, it's Kansas in the Spring, this is all totally normal. Tonight there was so much hail it looked like it was snowing...

 photo IMG_5369-2-800_zps24fe2c05.jpg
 photo IMG_5368-2-800_zps11b46e8e.jpg
 photo IMG_5370-800_zps19aa452d.jpg
 photo IMG_5366-2-800_zps300fd25e.jpg
 photo IMG_5360-2-800_zpsd048ad92.jpg
 photo IMG_5345-2-800_zps857fb4a0.jpg

...the hail has died down, but the wind is howling outside and the cold is setting (back) in. I thought I was going to get my fair share of warm weather before heading to Alaska, but it hasn't happened yet! It's ok though, Kansas needed this rain. But this weekend I'm headed to the lake so this weather better shape up!


  1. Yep . . . that's how it looked at our house, too, except you had more hail! Am anxious for the freezing mornings to go away, however . . . want to plant my annuals!

  2. Wow! That is a crazy amount of hail. Beautiful pictures!

  3. Beautiful pics. It's crazy how different the weather is in the same country though, I was baking here yesterday!!

  4. wow - that is sooo much hail!


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