September 5, 2013

Random thoughts from my walks in Juneau ≻≻≻

“Now I see the secret of making the best person: it is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth.” 
 ≫≫ Walt Whitman

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Juneau is so alive, it makes me want to be alive, too. Obviously I'm already alive, and when I say Juneau is alive I don't mean it's a bustling city, because it's far from that...unless one of the cruise ships have just docked. It's the surrounding forests, glaciers, and mountains. They are so filled with peace, hope, and magic that it makes me want to take a step away from the busyness and distractions of internet life and find myself all over again in nature.

Walks in Juneau // Home is with You

I crave this. Putting pencil to paper while soaking up all the sounds of the trees and chatter of the animals. (The squirrels here are loud.) It's all about give and take, I suppose, but lately I'm finding joy in simple things I've been neglecting.

Walks in Juneau // Home is with You

What I'm trying to say here, because there is a point, I that I don't want to look back on my time here, years down the road, and remember it all being behind this computer screen. I know we won't be in Juneau forever, although I feel a very strong connection to the beauty around us here and the quietness of it all, when we "settle down" it'll be somewhere closer to family. Alaska's just too dang far. That doesn't mean I won't be writing in this space, just that I'll be doing it on the rainy days (and trust me, there are plenty) and then spending as much time as I can outside on the days that are just too gorgeous to stay inside.

What about you? Have you been neglecting things that your soul craves? It can be so hard when we feel like there's always something to do, I know. But maybe there's at least one thing you can do next week to break up the madness and make you feel alive...


  1. You capture the beauty of this state so well, Mal!
    I loved your Moving to Juneau posts!
    My soul always craves fall, and quiet evenings by the fire. All the better when we have a gorgeous view outside.

  2. again.. this makes me want to go out and buy the same lens RIGHT NOW!!!
    i have to ask though- are you working while your man is touring/working in alaska!??
    what a beautiful place to have time to explore and adventure through!!

  3. OH this is exactly what I needed to hear today! Not only are the photos gorgeous, but I definitely need to go do something that's good for my soul soon. I think next week I'm going to do just that. Thanks for the reminder :)

  4. Ohhhh I LOVE your Alaska's pictures. Seriously, they are so beautiful. My husband went there 10 years ago and he has so many good things to say about that state. We'll visit you next summer :)

  5. BEAUTIFUL photos! thanks so much for sharing!

    visiting from Casey's blog :)

    Blessings and have a great weekend!


  6. Oh, how I'd love to be in a place like that right now! Looks so wonderful!

  7. Love reading your words!! I too want to be outside, immersed in nature, pen in hand...


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