September 23, 2013

Velodyne Audio vFree Headphones.

Dave and I have loved Velodyne and their unique headphone designs for awhile now. I still use my vPulse in-ear noise cancelling headphones on a daily basis, they are so much more comfortable than the headphones that come with your iphone and I really enjoy the noise cancelling feature. So of course, when Velodyne wanted to send me a pair of their new vFree headphones to try out, I was pretty dang excited.

Velodyne Audio vFree Headphones // Home is with You

I've been playing with these wireless headphones for awhile now and LOVE them, Dave does too. They are so nice for those times when I need to wear headphones while I'm at my computer. Most of my headphones don't reach comfortably from my computer, so the wireless option is wonderful. You can get up, stretch, and grab some water...all while still listening to your favorite songs. Since they use bluetooth, you can also hook them up to your phone and take calls along the way. 

Velodyne Audio vFree Headphones // Home is with You
Velodyne Audio vFree Headphones // Home is with You

Dave also has a pair of Velodyne's vTrue headphones and they are amazing for recording, but he loves "stealing" my vFree while he does some yoga. He can blast whatever music he wants to listen to as he stretches and really be immersed in it.

Velodyne Audio vFree Headphones // Home is with You

They also have designer skins to go on top of your headphones that make them even more unique. There are lots of cute options, but these were my favorite. I should have gotten a picture of Dave rocking out at his computer with these cute things's pretty comical.

I also love my vFree headphones because they fold up all nice and neat, perfect for traveling! They come with a nice little Velodyne bag you can put them in and slip them in your carry-on. I can't wait to try them out on my upcoming trip to Kansas.

Full Disclosure: The vFree Headphones and Designer skin were both sent to me by Velodyne, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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