June 24, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding...

As you all know, Saturday was my best friend's wedding.We had a blast...it was a lot of fun and so special to be able to share that special day with someone I have been friends with for 20 years now. Friday we had a full day of manis/pedis followed by lunch and of course we had the rehearsal dinner, to see pics from that night go here...at lunch that day Jen gave us our bridesmaids gifts. She gave us these super cute Vera Bradley bags, she had picked out a different pattern for each of us...I'm in love...

Home is with You // BRIDESMAID GIFT

Saturday I was up early to shower and get ready to be at the hotel where us girls got ready by 10. We were lucky enough to have makeup artists to help us look extra pretty, and of course my Mom did everyone's hair (minus the bride and one bridesmaid.)

Home is with You // makeup
Lin getting her makeup done

After we were all done up, we had lunch and mimosas before getting our dresses on. We had a little down time in the hotel room, which was nice, we were able to really take the day in and not feel rushed...

Home is with You // dress
LOVED these dresses...will definitely find somewhere to wear it again
Home is with You // bridesmaids
Some of the bridesmaids
Home is with You // bff
The bride and I :)
Home is with You // getting dressedHome is with You // mirror
Home is with You // window

After a few pictures and the bride seeing her Dad we hopped in the limo and headed to the church for the bride and groom to do their meet-and-greet. I knew I was going to be emotional at this wedding, especially since I teared up when she walked down the isle at the rehearsal, but I didn't expect to be so overwhelmed when we got to watch them as they saw each other for the first time. They had us all crying as we sat in the balcony watching them. It was just so sweet...

Home is with You // shoes
Couldn't help but get a shoe picture in the limo

Home is with You // first look
Guys, I still tear up looking at these
Home is with You // kiss
The sweetest :)

Home is with You // chapel
The church was GORGEOUS
Home is with You // chandelier

We then went back to a room in the church to wait for the guests to arrive. Again it was nice to relax for a few, grab a snack, and do a few touch ups...

Home is with You // bride

Home is with You // bouquet

After the ceremony, the bridal party loaded onto the trolley and headed to the reception, first we made a stop for pictures. I was so excited that they got a trolley, I've always seen pictures of bridal parties on them and it looks so fun. For those of you considering whether it's worth it to get one for your wedding or not...it is...

Home is with You // trolley

Home is with You // trolley

The reception was a great time, and I made it through my speech!!! I did have to pause in the middle to catch my breath (if I got crying too hard you wouldn't have been able to understand me.) People said I made them laugh and cry, so I think it was a job well done :P

Home is with You // bouquet

Home is with You // first dance

Home is with You // kiss

Home is with You // father daughter

Home is with You // swing

Home is with You // us

It was a great night full of dancing and celebrating Jen and Nick's new marriage. Oh and there was a photo booth...SO much fun! I'll try and post those pics at some point. Love you all ~Mal


  1. LOVED those bridesmaid dresses and the bride's dress was gorgeous! -Katherine

  2. What lovely photos! My best friend is getting married next year and I can't wait to be a part of it! Love your blog!


  3. LOVED those bridesmaid dresses and the bride's dress was gorgeous! -Katherine


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