June 14, 2011

Tennessee adventure {Part 3}...

Continued from Part 1 and Part 2...ok so Tuesday (May 24th) is when the madness began...that morning bright and early they played Dave's interview with 106.1 The River (see Part 1.) At noon, Dave was on WDVX's Blue Plate Special...it is always a lot of fun to do this show, it is in the Knoxville Visitors Center downtown and since it's right at lunch time many of the businessmen/women stop in to see who is playing that day. Plus their DJ's are fun...

Home is with You // Knoxville

Home is with You // downtown
The band that played before Dave, I just loved their setup...Adela and Jude

Home is with You // WDVX
Home is with You // hipstamatic
Home is with You // Dave Owens

After the show we sold some albums and chatted for a bit with people that had come and then headed to Downtown Brewery for lunch...we brought Dave's sister Jessica with us, we like to take her to the shows like that when we can...

Home is with You // twins
Home is with You // musician
Home is with You // Dave
Home is with You // Knoxville

The next day we had a bit of free time until his first show at 7 that night. I was so thankful for that because my allergies were getting the best of me (dang Knoxville!) and I wasn't feeling so great. Later we went to Homegrown with 105.3 at the Disc Exchange...usually Joe Stutler is the DJ for that show, but since they are the station that was putting on the 40 Days of Rock at Hard Rock they had another DJ Cullen do it. It was fun to mix it up since Dave has been on that show a few times before and Cullen had a lot of new really great questions...

Home is with You // Disc Exchange
Home is with You // Dave
Home is with You // love

We had a little bit of time in between that and the next interview and since my throat was hurting pretty badly by this point we walked down to Market Square and got a ice cream/icee thingy at Ritas...so good :) Plus Jessica had never been down to Market Square so it was fun to see her face when we turned the corner...

Home is with You // Market Square

Next we had Writer's Block with Dennis Double at 10...Dave had never been on this show and we LOVED it! It has such a cool vibe and they have a chat room, people from all over listen to the show and participate. It was so neat when Dennis offered one of Dave's albums to the first caller and the phone immediately rang :) Jessica got to do a few announcements too which was fun...

Home is with You // Writer's Block
Home is with You // DJ
 Ok guys, more to come, stay tuned..


  1. Fun! Thank you for sharing this with us! Cool pictures!

  2. I am going to steal this picture. Thanks

  3. I did not even realize you lived in Knoxville. That's where I'm at. You may not even live here any more because this is an old post, but crazy small world!


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