June 12, 2011

Tennessee adventure {Part 1}...

Sorry the Tennessee posts took me so long, promise I didn't leave you all hanging on purpose, things have just been non-stop here...but here goes!

We left Tuesday (May 17th) night, that way we would have a few days the week before all the craziness began to hang with fam, relax, put up posters, etc. It's a long drive, but not as long as it would have seemed if we would have taken our car with no AC...thanks again John! We drove through the night (and when I say we, I mean Dave) and got there Wednesday afternoon...
Home is with You // Overnight drive
Home is with You // Panera
Pit stop at Panera for breakfast bright and early
Home is with You // focus
Move it or lose it people!
Home is with You // tired
Are we there yet?

Home is with You // Knoxville

After we napped for a bit we got in some quality time with our nephew...I missed him so much! He loves movies and we were staying in his bed this trip, so he just hopped in...
 Home is with You // movie

The next day we went to Hard Rock in Gatlinburg to put up posters for Dave's show the next week...I had never been to Gatlinburg, it is so pretty up there! Loved it...

Home is with You // Hard Rock Cafe

Home is with You // travel
Home is with You // hard rock glasses
Love our new 40th anniversary glasses :)

That night we took Jessica (my 12 year old sister-in-law) to dinner, I can't believe how much she has grown since we were there last, she gets prettier by the day...

Home is with You // sister-in-law
Don't they look so much alike?!

On Friday we headed to 106.1 The River for Dave to do an interview with Bruce Patrick. It was a lot of fun and the interview turned out great...

Home is with You // interview

Home is with You // the river

Home is with You // live

When we went home we hung out with our nephew before heading to Chedders with him and Dave's brother. I'm so glad Hunter likes all the movies we sent him for Christmas and his birthday! It's too fun to watch them with him and try to answer all of his questions about different things...

Home is with You // movie watching
Home is with You // internet

Home is with You // margaritas

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! It's so cool to see that someone else has younger inlaws. Joes little sister and brother are 10 & 14 and it just always feels wierd that I don't have a SIL anywhere near my age lol


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