June 26, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday {4}...

This is actually a Steppin' Out Friday post again, since last night was more low-key. Friday Dave played at the Artichoke here in town. I love when he plays there because the food is amazing and the owners/people who work there are the best. Plus, the crowd that shows up is always a fun group that sings along and gets really into the music, which is always appreciated. 

I was extra excited because even though it hasn't really been that long, I'm used to Dave playing all the time...and since we took time off to go back to Tennessee to switch cars with my father-in-law and then more time off for my best friend's wedding, it seemed like it had been forever since Dave had played...

The show went well and I got to hang out with my friend Veronica who is in town for the summer, she is in med school in Europe, how cool is that?! Anyways, it's not your typical "steppin out" post because it wasn't technically a date night since Dave was playing for some of it. But what the heck...

Home is with You // Weekend

Home is with You // Weekend

Saturday night we cooked out at my Dad's house. Salmon, Steak, veggies, pasta salad, guacamole, and Summer Shandy...mmm mmm good!

Home is with You // Weekend

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  1. Mmm...I love BBQ! Oh and a lot of my steppin' out posts are from thursday or friday. Whoops! Oh well! Love your outfit - the belt is awesome!!

  2. Loving the blog mate glad dave had a great show so many places in america I need to check out

  3. Mal, I always love your blogs. You and Dave are so down to earth, good people! Y'all can bbq with me anytime!! lol.

    Steph Dean


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