September 19, 2011


Good morning! After a weekend of being a lazy bum, I am finally feeling refreshed and this morning I am back to feeling ready to take on the world. It was so nice to take a weekend off and just relax with my husband, with no where we had to be. I highly recommend unplugging when you can and just enjoying your time, it is so helpful in refocusing and reminding yourself why you work so hard in the first place...

Relax // Home is with You

So here's to a fresh start...Happy Monday! xoxo ~Mal

PS~ Dave gives away an album every Monday on twitter make sure you're following him :)


  1. I unplugged this weekend too! Actually my phone died last night so I woke up to tons of emails hahaah! Although I feel like I need a day to detox!

  2. I unplug every Sunday!! I don't even check emails :)


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