September 15, 2011

What's for dinner {3}...

What's For Dinner // Home is with You

Let's be honest, after traveling to Texas for most of last week we didn't have much in our cupboards this week. But last night we had an amazing meal that is super cheap to make thanks to Dave...

We heated up two cans of diced tomatoes and green chilies with half a can of artichokes (diced) and half a can of black olives (diced.) Luckily we like spicy food because he wasn't thinking about the green chilies being in there and added crushed red peppers, parsley, and Italian seasoning...perfect.

We boiled the whole wheat bow tie pasta with a dash of extra virgin olive oil and the spices listed above. When everything was finished we mixed them all together and added a little shredded Parmesan cheese (shaky cheese as I like to call it) and a couple of whole black olives. It was deeelicious!

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  1. Mr. Taylor and his LadySeptember 15, 2011 at 3:26 PM

    this looks absolutely delicious! if only the hubby loved tomatoes, i would be all over this! just came across your blog girl, super cute! can't wait to read more!
    xo TJ

  2. This looks so tasty! And perfect in a pinch :)

  3. Oh that looks really tasty!

  4. This looks so good!! I haven't even started on breakfast, and now I'm thinking about pasta, haha!

  5. This looks delicious. And like something I'll definitely have to try!

  6. Thanks! You guys have to try it, so easy to make, but tastes amazing :) It's a staple over here.


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