May 3, 2013


The prompt for today was "things that make you feel uncomfortable", and you see, that's really awkward because questions like that make me feel uncomfortable. When I meet someone for the first time (or we're still getting to know each other better) and they put me on the spot with a question about myself and all of a sudden I'm all beet red in the face and thinking, "OH MY GOSH, how can I not think of got this...just think of SOMETHING!" And then my answer is extra awkward. Yeah, that.

Home is with You // Zooey gif

Being over or under dressed at a party. I get anxiety trying to get dressed for these things in the first place, most of the time. So when I spend all that time getting dressed just to show up and realize I way over or under shot it...I want to crawl in a hole. And cry.

Home is with You // awkward
Home is with You // Embarressed

 People fighting in front of me also makes me want to scream. I hate it. It makes me soooooo uncomfortable and I want to cry...and sometimes do. Why people, why? Just love one another.  

Home is with You // New Girl

Being hungry makes me extremely uncomfortable. We've started calling my "condition" Blackout Rage, because no one can predict what I'll do when I need food. And then I awkwardly come back to reality once I get some food in my stomach and realize what a Beatrice I've been, and I try to be all sweet again...

Home is with You // awkward
Home is with You // heart

...which brings me to eating out with other people. Let's just say I'm not the neatest eater and sometimes when I'm eating at a nice restaurant or with people I don't know as well, I try to be extra neat and it ends up making me even more messy...oops.


  1. This makes me love you so much more! :) You're so cute... and I am the same way when I get really hungry {I'm almost evil when I'm hungry... then when I get something in my belly I totally snap out of it!}

  2. Being over or under dressed is always awful!!! And I felt the exact same way about this prompt. It was a toughy, especially for day 3! When it comes to food, I really, really hate eating loud foods in public places. I get super uncomfortable and try to do it more quietly or let them dissolve or something, anything, to make it more bearable. But I too need food to function and be at all pleasant, so not eating sometimes isn't a choice!

  3. The last one is so me. When they take my plate there is ALWAYS crumbs and food around where my plate was. I just kind of own it and people expect it of me these days :D

  4. Oh I think that I could devote a whole blog post to the evil monster that I turn into when im hungry! Love the new girl gifs :)


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