May 7, 2013

I am most afraid of...

I was going to write today's post on the deeper, more life changing things that I'm afraid loss. And how sometimes if Dave's gone longer than expected, I go into panic mode. Even though most of the time it's just because he's made a new friend and they lost track of time while they were chatting (he's so good at meeting new people).

But today I think I'll talk about my fear of snakes, even typing the word just now gives me the chills and makes me want to cry. I'm deathly afraid of snakes. There, I said it.

Home is with You // Fear

I used to be a lot worse, and have slowly gotten better about it. I used to start crying if I was taken off guard and a picture of one popped up in a movie or somewhere I'll just have nightmares, but I get those just from talking about them. Tonight should be fun. It's bad, and I'm pretty sure if I ever happened across one Dave would find me passed out cold from the sheer terror of it all. 

And as cute as our little house in North Carolina was, I don't miss it one bit. Why? Because our neighbor (who had grown up in the house we lived in) informed us as we were moving out that the reason his family finally moved out of there was because his Mom found one too many black snakes just hanging out in her living room. Shudders. No thank you! I don't care how cute a house is, that is not ok!

What about you, what are you afraid of?

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  1. "One too many black snakes hanging out in her living room"?!?! That might be the most terrifying thing I've had to imagine today. ewwuuuhhggg.

  2. This post made me cringe . . . black snakes in the house? No thank you!

  3. I sometimes start to freak out when my husband takes longer than usual.
    I think that's pretty common amongst us wives. =)

    Snakes! Ugh.
    I can't say I'm afraid of them,
    but I don't like the things.
    My uncle forced me to hold one in the Bronx zoo when I was 10.
    I still have the picture–
    it's the most stiff and uncomfortable pose EVER. lol.

    I wouldn't wanna live in that house either!

    Love your blog!
    Found you via Jenni's link-up. =)

  4. I have the same exact fear and I would describe it in the exact same way. I can't watch Animal Planet before bed time in fear that I will catch a glimpse of one and be ridden with nightmares! So funny! Love your blog!


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