January 19, 2012

Awkward yet AWESOME!

Awkward yet Awesome // Home is with You
I know jalapenos don't seem like the normal choice for my morning toast, but they are just so good!

*So I'm pretty embarrassed to admit this one, but it's totally not by choice so here goes...I haven't gotten to shower since we moved down here to Austin. There. I said it. They couldn't turn on the gas until today, which meant no hot water. And believe me, I tried my darndest to take a shower and a bath without it, but this water isn't just lukewarm...it is ice cold.
(UPDATE: as of 3:00 we now have hot water!!!)
*The maintenance man came in to fix a few things that they didn't get a chance to before we moved in, since we took the place so quickly, and he walks in with the tiniest ladder ever. Yet, even after I show him the first thing he needs to fix is at the top of the vaulted ceiling, he still proceeds to climb up said tiny ladder before coming to the conclusion that he does indeed need a taller ladder. Sweet sweet man, but hilarious nonetheless.
*Being the pastiest person in Austin, as I'm about to be as I head out for a run in this amazing 80 degree weather...hope I don't blind anyone!

*MOVING TO AUSTIN!!! I can't even express how excited we are to be here. I got butterflies in my stomach the other night when we bought some books and the bag said Austin, TX and I thought to myself, "We live here!" Seriously out of all the other new places I've lived in the past 3 years I have never gotten that feeling...and I love it.
*The forecast for the week being in the 70's...in January. I know, I know this still has to do with living in Austin, but come on now- I was freezing back home and the high here today is 79. Seventy-nine people.
*Finding out they still sell one of my fav beers down here (they didn't in Kansas)
*My Jayhawks! If you follow college basketball at all you know my team has been killing it (as always), I'm just so excited about this team and can't wait to see what happens come March.

...speaking of anyone know of a fun place to watch the Kansas/Texas game here in Austin on Saturday? Dave and I thought it would be fun to find somewhere in town to watch it since the game is here, let me know if you have any ideas!


  1. I want to go to Austin! Love your awkward and awesomes :)

  2. Who needs showers when you have an amazing new city to explore!! Hey..if you're outside...the smell is likely to be blown away by the wind anyways! :)

  3. My sister's best friend lives in Texas, I think near Austin, and my sister visits her and always has such a good time. I really want to go with her next time. I'm so glad you're loving it!!

  4. I live nearby and it's been 77 all week too. It's fantastic!

  5. Bahaha! I'm laughing because this week our maintenance man came with a teeny-tiny ladder too! LOL.


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